Amazing Palolem Beach Huts + Palolem Travel Guide
Amazing Palolem Beach Huts + Palolem Travel Guide

Amazing Palolem Beach Huts + Palolem Travel Guide

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This article details the best Palolem beach huts, where to eat at Palolem and is a complete Palolem beach Goa guide

There is a good reason why Palolem beach has becomes well-known as one of the most popular beaches in all of Goa. One of the reasons why this beach has gained massive popularity are the innumerable iconic Palolem beach huts lined up along the beach. Secondly, Palolem beach is much less crowded compared to the popular beaches in North Goa. Moreover, this beach is visited by foreign tourists and has a more laid back appeal compared to most other beaches in Goa. All of these make Palolem an unmissable beach in Goa.

This post is a detailed Palolem beach guide listing all the Palolem beach huts, resorts, hotels, things to do and the best cafes and restaurants in Palolem beach, South Goa so that you can plan your trip to this incredible beach.

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Pinterest graphic for Palolem beach Goa
Pinterest graphic for Palolem beach Goa

How to Reach the Huts at Palolem Beach Goa

Palolem beach Goa

Palolem beach, Goa is situated approximately 40 km from Margao city and 62 km from the Goa International Airport. There are 3 ways to reach Palolem beach from Margao or from the airport.

The first option is to hire a taxi cab. This will be the most expensive but the fastest option. There's an app called the Goa Miles App which can be used to book a cab at decent rates.

The second way to reach Palolem beach from the airport or any other city in Goa is to take a state-run bus going towards Canacona city that runs between Goa and Karnataka. Ask the bus conductor to stop at the diversion for Palolem beach. The beach is located 1.4 km from this diversion. You can cover this distance on foot or hitch a ride with one of the many people going to the beach.

The third option is to take a local bus from Margao to Palolem beach. The bus will drop you at the Palolem beach bus stand which is right next to the beach. This bus is slow but it gets you to the beach at a minimal cost.

Where to Stay in Palolem Beach - Accommodation Options

Ah! The best part about finding a stay at Palolem beach are the Palolem beach huts. The beach is dotted with lots of them, each one unique in it's own way. Apart from the beach huts, Palolem has resorts, hotels, homestays, and hostels as well.

Hotels in Palolem Beach, Goa

Other than the Palolem beach huts, one can find a multitude of hotels in Palolem located close to the beach. Not just that, there are even hostels in Palolem beach for those looking for inexpensive accommodation.

Summer by the HostelCrowd is one such hostel in Palolem. It's a short 5-10 minute walk from the beach, has clean rooms and a good crowd. The hostel organizes a wide range of activities and is always buzzing with people and activity. You can book this hostel using the link below:

For finding more such budget stays and huts in Palolem beach, take a look at my detailed guide to the 23 best hostels in Goa for travel and work from home.

Palolem Beach Huts

Palolem beach huts + Palolem beach Goa guide

Now, lets talk about the juicy parts. Booking a Palolem beach hut can be a difficult task, given a large number of choices. What's great about the Palolem beach huts though is that there are so many of them, available in a wide range of budgets and luxuries offering a wide range of amenities such as a porch, balcony, air conditioning, bathtub etc. Take a look at some of my personal favourite beach huts in Palolem:

1. O3 Beach Resort

O3 beach resort Palolem beach Goa

O3 Beach Resort, Palolem is a mid-range resort located right on the beachside. The rooms are in the form of individual wooden cottages with a comfortable bed, spacious washroom, a cupboard and a front porch. The front porch is a big plus. Not only is it a great spot for having your breakfast, but it also offers an open personal space for you to chill if you don't want to sit in a beach shack. I've stayed here twice and have been lucky enough to get the cottage right at the beach, facing the ocean. Hope your luck is as good as mine!

2. Club Palolem

Club Palolem hotel in Palolem Goa

Club Palolem hotel offers beach huts which are located just a short 2-minute walk from the Palolem beach. These huts are a lot more sturdy and upscale than most others. Each cottage comes with a porch and a tiny garden with a bench. The rooms are air-conditioned and there's even a nice hammock on the property for guests to chill. The price of the cottages is a little more than the basic ones but still within a decent budget.

3. Art Resort

Art Resort Palolem beach Goa

Always save the best for the last! Art Resort, Palolem is one of the newer kids on the block. With colourful beach huts located right on the beach and an unbelievably charming cafe to along go with it, Art Resort is an experience in itself. Each cottage is painted in a bright and cheerful colour. The rooms come with a bathtub and a front porch. What's great about these front porches is that they come enclosed with white sheets so that you can get your privacy while staying right at the beach.

4. Ciarans Beach Resort

Palolem beach huts - Ciarans Resort at Palolem beach Goa

Always save the best for the last! Ciarans is a big-ish beach resort located smack in the middle of the large coastline of Palolem beach, Goa. They offer a number of rooms - A/C rooms, garden-view, jungle-view, beach-facing, double-decker boat rooms etc. Plus, they have multiple lounge areas that overlook the Palolem beach. And if all that was not enough, they even have an awesome beach-facing restaurant that has live music every night. I absolutely loved my stay at one of the best Palolem beach huts!!

Things to do in Palolem, Goa

Now, there aren't a whole lot of things to do in Palolem, except for chill-out and relaxation. While at Palolem beach you can check-out some other beaches such as Agonda beach and Patnem beach. Other than that, take a look at some of the other things to do in Palolem:

1. Grab a lazy breakfast at a Palolem beach shack

Breakfast at a Palolem beach shack restaurant

The best part about being on vacation is having the luxury to wake up at your own time. What's even better is enjoying breakfast with an ocean view. Since Palolem beach is lined up with innumerable beach shacks, you can easily find a nice spot to grab breakfast. Most beach shack restaurants open early in the morning around 7 or 7.30 am.

2. Catch the sunset

Sunset from a Palolem beach shack

Palolem beach Goa witnesses stunning sunsets during the dry seasons. Out of the many times that I've been to this beach, I've almost always seen a spectacular sunset that paints the sky in vibrant hues of orange. Catch the sunset and it's many hues whilst enjoying a chilled drink at a Palolem beach shack.

3. Walk along the coastline

Things to do at Palolem beach Goa - Walk along the Palolem Goa coastline

The length of Palolem beach is a whopping 2 km. While one side of Palolem Goa offers a glimpse of the backwaters, the other side has big rocks and a stairway leading to the adjacent Colomb beach. If you go to Colomb beach and continue to walk South from here, then you will reach the pretty-as-a-picture Patnem beach. You can see a number of people walking along the coastline early in the morning as this is truly a simple but one of the best things to do at Palolem beach.

4. Sunset from the Palolem beach viewpoint

Palolem beach huts + Palolem beach Goa guide and viewpoint

If you walk towards the South-most tip of the beach, you'll see some rocks that a lot of people climb. Keep in mind that I only recommend climbing them at your own risk at it can be lethal if you fall. However, when you manage to make your way up, you will see this spectacular view of all the colourful Palolem beach huts and the entire beach. Not to mention that this is a great place to catch the sunset!

5. Hop over to Agonda Beach

Agonda beach travel guide, South Goa

Agonda beach is the perfect day trip from Palolem beach. Located a little less than 9 km away, the Agonda beach & its huts and cafes are a charming place to see. The Agonda road that runs parallel to the beach is lined with super cute cafes, bohemian stores, souvenir shops and coconut trees. You can't miss this beach, which is one of the best things to do near Palolem beach Goa.

6. Take a Dip in the Ocean

Best things to do in Palolem Goa - Taking a dip in the ocean

You can't go to one of the best beaches in South Goa and then not take a dip in the ocean! Since Goa is always hot and humid during the dry seasons from September to April, you will enjoy dips in the ocean at any time of the day. However, it is not permitted to be in the waters once its dark but you can be in the water during sunset to see the sun going down while enjoying jumping over the waves.

7. Enjoy the Palolem Nightlife

Nightlife at Palolem beach, South Goa, India

The Palolem beach huts completely transform at night time with lots of nice lighting, live music, dancing and even karaoke. Most of the beach huts at Palolem beach put up outdoor seating with candle lights. Additionally, some even have a campfire sort of situation with live grilling.

While some of the beach shack restaurants play music on a speaker, others have live music sessions. We particularly enjoyed the live music and vibe at Art Resort and a more relaxed live music session at Ciarans.

Palolem Beach Nightlife - Party at Silent Noise

The Palolem nightlife is an interesting scene. Silent Noise is exactly what the name describes - it's a nightclub where music is heard via headphones, and not on loudspeakers. Everyone who enters the club gets a headphone which has 3 channels. Each channel plays different music. You and your group can sync channels and enjoy this unique nightclub in Goa. Parties are held on saturday nights.

Palolem Beach Restaurants and Cafes

There are plenty of food options available at Palolem beach, Goa. While there are plenty of Indian food joints, there's Spanish, Italian, continental and even vegan food available at various places in Palolem. Some of the best cafes and restaurants in Palolem beach are listed below:

1. Little World, Palolem

Little world cafe at Palolem beach Goa

Little World is a fantastic little place serving vegetarian as well as vegan food. The cafe is located on the main Palolem street which runs parallel to the beach. This place is perfect for grabbing a healthy breakfast of eggs of your choice that come with bread, butter and a large salad. The decor is a mixture of minimal as well as glittery Indian. They even have a garden in the back with seating in the open air.

2. Art Cafe

As mentioned earlier, Art resort has a restaurant that is a visual representation of its name. The restaurant has a countless number of art installations scattered across its walls. With a swing in the open-air seating area, the restaurant screams instagrammable. The drinks served here are fantastic. I haven't tried the food here, only drinks, but judging by the level of effort put into this restaurant, I'm sure it'll be nothing short of spectacular.

3. Casa del mar

Casa Del Mar - Palolem beach restaurant and beach shack

Casa del mar is the beach-side restaurant in the Ciarans resort. The indoor seating has wooden tables and wooden chairs, some of which face the ocean directly. The menu here is limited to mostly Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes but the taste of the food is really good. This Palolem beach restaurant/ beach shack is recommended if you're looking for a hearty meal by the ocean. Additionally, there is live music here every single night with a different artist each night. This really sets a great vibe and I love that they don't play music on the loud speak but rather melodious tunes sing by local artists.

4. Zest Palolem

Places to eat in Palolem Goa - Zest cafe, Palolem beach

Zest is one of the best cafes in Palolem that is located on the beachside, with incredible vibes, rattan chairs, a cool bar and incredible food! Of all the places to eat at Palolem Goa, Zest is absolutely unmissable. We tried their pizza, wrap and cocktails and absolutely loved every item here!

5. Carpe Diem Cafe and Bakery

Where to eat at Palolem beach Goa - Carpe diem cafe and bakery

While this humble cafe in Palolem might not as look as fancy as the other Palolem cafes and Palolem beach huts but their food is noteworthy and very inexpensive compared to the others. We tried their South Indian specialities for breakfast and were left full and satisfied after our meal. Their service is prompt and food tasty.

What to Wear at Palolem Beach Goa

Palolem beach has a very relaxed beach vibe. You'll find most men in shorts, t-shirts or swimming trunks. On the other hand, women generally wear beach dresses, kaftans and shorts. Make sure you carry swimwear with you since the waters of Palolem can be quite tempting. In case you forget to pack essential beachwear, you can shop for them from one of the many shops located on the main road of the beach.

Did You Enjoy This Guide to the Palolem Beach Huts, Goa?

I hope that you found some great Palolem beach huts to book for your next vacay. If you liked reading this travel guide to Palolem beach Goa that I’ve put together based on my experiences of living in Goa, follow me on my social media handles Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest to see Goa travel photos and videos, discover new destinations, receive quick updates and be the first one to know when I release a new blog post!


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