13 Best Beaches in North Goa : Complete North Goa Beaches List
13 Best Beaches in North Goa : Complete North Goa Beaches List

13 Best Beaches in North Goa : Complete North Goa Beaches List

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This article lists best beaches in North Goa, in addition to where to stay and eat in North Goa, India.

North Goa is famous for so many things – the quaint colorful Portuguese houses in Panaji, the atal setu bridge, the Old Goa church, beautiful islands, more bridges, forts, parties, raves and what not. But the best part are the North Goa beaches that add excitement, fun and character to the happening part of Goa. Given that there are so many options and such a long stretch of beaches one after the other, spanning over 20 km, it may be hard to choose just a few for your Goa trip.

This article presents a detailed list of the beach beaches in North Goa, including various accommodation options at each beach, where to eat, what it is famous for and lots more. And so, this is the only North Goa beaches’ list that you’ll ever need!

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Which Beaches are Famous in North Goa?

There is a long list of beaches that are famous in North Goa. On one hand, beaches such as Baga and Anjuna are famous among Indians who are looking for Hindi music, parties, watersports and beach shacks serving North Indian food. On the other hand, there are beaches like Vagator that are located in the tourist belt but are still more peaceful and offer the most stunning sunsets. Beaches like Morjim are popular among backpackers and the beaches further up north are much more tranquil, have a yoga and vegan culture and thus are extremely popular among foreigners. Dive into this North Goa beaches list to read about the famous beaches in North Goa.

What is the No 1 Beach in North Goa, India?

Although I do have an answer to the question which is the number 1 beach in North Goa, your answer could be different from mine. Those who love to party, dance, engage in watersports and love all quintessential touristy things might love Baga beach and Anjuna beach. On the other hand, people whose idea of an ideal vacation involves sitting quietly on a beach, reading a book or two and then spending time at a quaint cafe will love Ashwem and Mandrem beaches. Quite naturally, we all have different tastes and preferences and hence love different beaches. Lucky for us, the North Goa beaches are plenty in number and each one has something unique to offer. So take a look at this list of the best beaches in North Goa and pick your favorite.

North Goa Beaches List – 11 Best Beaches in North Goa

1. Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim beach is one of the most unique beaches in North Goa that is located among ruins of a fort. From here until Vagator beach, you will find a lineup of North Goa beaches, all of which are extremely popular among tourists, particularly Indian tourists. There are tons of water sport activities offered on all of these beaches, in addition to many restaurants and hotels. To top it off, Sinquerim beach is surrounded by the leading resorts that offer the best views of Sinquerim and great rooms and amenities – Taj Holiday Village Resort and Spa and Taj Fort Aguada Resort and Spa.

Where to Stay Near Sinquerim Beach:

2. Baga Beach

Best beaches in North Goa - Baga beach, North Goa, India

If you pay a visit to Baga beach then you will either completely love it or absolutely hate it. The beach is quite popular among Indian tourists and you’ll see beach shacks as far as the beach extends, all of them playing loud Indian music, serving North Indian food and offering beach lounge chairs to attract the tourists towards them. There are even tons of people on the beach offering massages, hair braiding, jewelry, henna tattoos and fake tattoos to the visitors. Additionally, there are even lots of water sports on offer here. To sum it up, if you want the crazy touristy Goa experience then head to this beach but if you’re looking for one of the quieter beaches in North Goa then scroll down towards the bottom of this North Goa beaches list.

Where to Stay Near Baga Beach:

3. Anjuna Beach

North Goa beaches list - Anjuna beach, North Goa

While Anjuna beach itself is a more mellow version of Baga beach and isn’t something to brag about, some of the best restaurants and cafes in North Goa are located at Anjuna. To get amazing food with a view, head to either Eva cafe or Chef Cantando. For a killer sunset, make your way over to Purple Martini. If you’re craving delicious Mediterranean or western food then Artjuna is hands-down the best and my personal favorite cafe. To read more about the best restaurant picks in Anjuna, read my blog post which is linked above.

Where to Stay Near Anjuna Beach:

4. Ozran Beach

Best beaches in North Goa - Ozran beach, Vagator hill

Ozran beach a.k.a Vagator beach is nestled behind a hillock and the way to reach this beach is to climb down from the hill. The view of the beach is fabulous from the hill and the beach itself is not as crowded as Baga or Vagator beaches. This is one of the reasons why it is more popular among foreigners. Ozran beach also has many rocks which form lagoons for one to sit and enjoy the sunset view. The beach is definitely worth checking out, especially since it’s super close to Vagator beach. Trance music lovers will particularly enjoy visiting Ozran beach.

5. Vagator Beach

Famous beaches in North Goa - Vagator beach

This North Goa beaches’ list would be incomplete without a mention of one of the most popular beaches in Goa, which is Vagator beach. Vagator is quieter and cleaner than Baga beach since it has very few beach shacks. However, there are many water sport activities being offered here. Additionally, there are really nice hotels, hostels and restaurants in Vagator. Furthermore, you can combine a visit to Vagator beach with Chapora fort – one of the most popular places in North Goa which was made famous by the Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai.

Where to Stay Near Vagator Beach:

6. Candolim Beach

North Goa beaches list - Candolim beach, North Goa
Candolim beach, as seen from Yazu Goa

Although Candolim beach may not be known as one of the most popular beaches in North Goa, it is still one of the most happening places in North Goa. With lots of comfortable hotels such as Novotel Goa Resort and Spa, Hyatt Centric and Radisson, plenty of pubs, bars, restaurants, beach clubs and beach shacks, Candolim is the place to be during the evenings. The streets of Candolim are always full of happy and excited Indian as well as foreign tourists who are looking for the perfect hangout spot. In addition to all this, there are large grocery stores, shopping centers and tattoo studios located in Candolim. To top it all off, it is also very close to the other best beaches in North Goa.

Where to Stay Near Candolim Beach:

7. Morjim Beach

Best North Goa beaches - Morjim beach sunset view in North Goa

The beaches in North Goa mentioned from this point onwards are located in the far north and are more commonly visited by foreigners and the backpacker crowd. These beaches are much more serene and tranquil compared to the other beaches in North Goa and there is a very nice cafe culture prevalent here. Morjim beach offers all that and more. In fact, the best burger place in Goa called Burger Factory, Morjim is present at Morjim beach. Furthermore, Morjim also has some really nice resorts such as Marbela beach resort (pictured above) and Larisa beach resort.

Where to Stay Near Morjim Beach:

8. Ashwem Beach

Quiet beaches in North Goa - Ashwem beach

Ashwem beach lies just a touch north of Morjim beach and is one of the most serene and quiet beaches in North Goa. This is one of the North Goa beaches where females can wear bikinis or one-pieces without hesitation. Because Ashwem beach does not have as many hotels or resorts compared to Morjim, Mandrem and Arambol beach, it gets a lesser number of visitors and thus has managed to remain undisturbed by commercialization.

Where to Stay Near Ashwem Beach:

9. Mandrem Beach

Even though Mandrem beach is almost unheard of, it is one of the best beaches in North Goa with plenty of beach huts and cafes. The must-visit cafes in Mandrem include Artjuna, Prana cafe and Chique Shanti. Furthermore, you’ll find lots of cheap and scenic beach accommodation here sans the crazy crowd that you normally see in North Goa.

Where to Stay Near Mandrem Beach:

10. Arambol Beach

Best North Goa beaches list - Arambol beach - One of the most popular beaches in North Goa

Always save the best for the last. Arambol beach, in my humble opinion, is THE best beach in North Goa. Not only does Arambol offer a nice beach, hippie vibes, vegan cafes and yoga centers, but also a really cool sweetwater lake. You can easily spend 2-3 days chilling at Arambol, getting immersed in the live music, the yoga culture and the really good vibes that it has to offer. To know more about this beach, read my travel guide to Arambol beach in North Goa.

Where to Stay Near Arambol Beach:

11. Kalacha Beach

Best beaches in North Goa - Kalacha beach - One of the quiet beaches in North Goa

While this name is practically unheard of, I can assure you that this is indeed one of the best North Goa beaches. Kalacha beach is actually a very tiny, picturesque and insanely good beach which is located right next to Arambol beach. You can reach here by crossing through the tunnel of shops and restaurants on the North end of Arambol beach. In fact, the beach is right in front of the sweet water lake in Arambol. That’s right, when you exit the aforementioned tunnel, you will see the lake on your right side and the Kalacha beach on the left. Don’t be fooled by the small size or offbeat location. The area can get very crowded during the popular season and there are sufficient beach shacks here as well.

Best Beaches in Panaji, North Goa

Panaji, the capital city of Goa comes under the North Goa district and has so much to offer. First of all, there are many interesting sightseeing spots in Panaji city itself. Take a look at the 10 best things to do in Panaji, Goa. Secondly, there are even multiple beaches in Panaji. I’ve included the two best beaches in Panaji, North Goa below.

12. Miramar Beach

Miramar beach is one of the most famous beaches in North Goa that lies in Panaji, the capital city of Goa. The beach is located just within close proximity of all the other places to visit in Panaji. Additionally, there are numerous street food carts lined up near the beach in the evenings. The food served here is mostly Indian chaat items and popular Goan street food. Just a few steps from Miramar beach is Dona Paula – a popular place to visit in Panjim and the location of many bollywood movie and song shootings.

Where to Stay Near Miramar Beach:

13. Siridao Beach

Siridao beach in Panaji, North Goa

Until recently, Siridao beach had been a hidden gem in North Goa. This beach is located on the outskirts of Panjim city, close to Grand Hyatt Goa and Bambolim beach resort. If you’re visiting one of the most quiet beaches in North Goa, then you must combine it with a visit to Siridao chapel which is located on a hillock and offers a spectacular view of the Siridao beach. While you’re here, it’s also worth paying a visit to the Seashells restaurant which is one of the best seafood restaurants in Panjim, North Goa. The seaside location, ambience and live music will make this restaurant a worthwhile visit!

Where to Stay Near Siridao Beach:

What are the Best Places to Visit in North Goa?

There is so much to see in North Goa in addition to the appealing North Goa beaches. There are churches, chapels, islands, forts, restaurants, clubs and so much more to see and do in North Goa. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list, then checkout my blog post on the 17 best places to visit in North Goa.

Looking for the Best Beaches in South Goa?

South Goa beaches are some of the offbeat places in Goa and the most instagrammable places in Goa

While North Goa offers both natural scenery and a raging party scene and events, South Goa is way more laid back, has a lot more green space and the beaches here are just as quaint as they are untouched at times. Take a look at my detailed list of the best South Goa beaches and South Goa travel guide.

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