An Awesome Guide to Arambol Beach, Goa
An Awesome Guide to Arambol Beach, Goa

An Awesome Guide to Arambol Beach, Goa

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This post is a comprehensive travel guide to Arambol Beach, Goa. Apart from the best things to do in Arambol beach, it also lists where to eat, and hotels in Arambol, Goa.

By now you must be pretty tired of hearing about all these ‘awesome’ beaches in Goa. Aren’t all the Goa beaches exactly the same?? Is it even worth visiting this so-called ‘unique’ and ‘hippie’ Arambol beach in Goa?? Well, let me clear some of your doubts. While it’s true that Goa has innumerable beaches and that most of them ARE truly awesome, Arambol beach is certainly a unique one.

One of the many reasons why I insist that you visit Arambol beach in Goa is because of the hippie culture that’s still predominant here. Secondly, the tunnel layout at the end of the beach is something you won’t see anywhere else in Goa. Lastly, you will even find a sweet water lake at the end of this tunnel. So let’s dive in and explore more of travelling to Arambol Beach Goa.

Apart from this Arambol Beach travel guide, if you wish to see more pictures of this and other beaches in Goa, feel free to head over to my Instagram profile (@thespicyjourney).

Travel Guide to Arambol Beach, Goa

This Arambol beach travel guide contains all the information that you need to have a fun vacation in Goa. Apart from telling you the best things to do in Arambol beach, hotels in Arambol and where to eat, it also contains logistics and other helpful info for planning a stress-free trip. So let me do the planning and worrying while you enjoy your trip to Arambol, Goa!

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Best Time to Visit Arambol Beach & Things to do in Arambol Goa

As you may be aware, Goa has 2 main seasons – the monsoon season from May to August and the peak tourist season from November to March.

The best time to visit Arambol beach is naturally the tourist season when it’s dry, sunny and the beach shacks are open. Moreover, during this time, you’ll get to meet other travelers, get to see events, music festivals and have a blast. On the flip side, the monsoon season is when there will be lots of rain and no beach shacks and very few tourists. So if your rhythm is a little offbeat, this is the time to visit Arambol for you.

Where is Arambol Beach located ?

Because this beach is still not that well known among Indian visitors, a lot of people don’t know where Arambol beach is located. Arambol beach is located in North Goa. In fact, it is one of the north-most beaches that you will find in Goa. It is along the same line as Morjim beach, Ashwem beach and Mandrem beach but further north of all these beaches. So is it still worth travelling far to this beach?? Hell yeah!! Continue reading to see why this beach is so awesome.

How to Reach Arambol, Goa

Even though Arambol beach is located in the far north end of Goa, you can still make your way here without any issues.

If you’re hiring a cab, they can drop you off right at the beach. However, cabs in Goa are crazy expensive. So a budget friendly way to reach Arambol beach, North Goa is to head to the Panaji KTC (Kadamba) Bus Stand first. From there, you will find buses to Arambol. The bus stand is a few hundred meters from the beach but it’s a paved road and an easy walk to reach Arambol beach from the bus stand.

How to Reach Arambol Beach from Goa Airport

The Dabolim Airport is the only airport in Goa (there will soon be a new airport at Mopa). To reach Arambol from Goa airport, take a direct shuttle bus to Panaji first. From Panaji KTC bus stand, you will have to take another bus to Arambol beach. The airport to Panaji bus stand, with a shuttle bus, takes 45 mins. Whereas Panaji bus stand to Arambol bus stand takes 1.5-2 hours depending on the mood of the driver, road conditions and traffic.

How to Reach Arambol Beach by Road

If you’re not a fan of buses, you can hire an exorbitantly expensive taxi to reach Arambol. If you don’t wish to be looted by the taxi mafia in Goa, you can rent a car or bike and drive down to Arambol yourself. The road is quite straightforward for the most part. From Panaji, you need to take the highway and go North towards Mapusa. Just continue further North on the main road until you start seeing thinner crowds and a line of beaches to your left. Google Maps will give you a clear and accurate road to reach Arambol.

How Many Days to Spend in Arambol?

Covering all the things to do in Arambol Beach, Goa take just one day. But, there are many other beaches nearby and if you wish to see them, chill, and engage in some activities then you’ll need 2-3 days in this area. I myself had spent one night in Arambol and covered all the places to visit there. The next day, I went to stay near Morjim for 2 nights, about 8 km south of Arambol. From there, I covered the other beaches – Ashwem beach, Mandrem beach and Morjim beach. In reality, you can stay near any one of these 4 beaches and cover everything from there

Can I do a Day Trip to Arambol from Panjim?

If you’ve been to Goa in the peak tourist season, you’ll know how bad the traffic can get. Not to mention the roads that are always in terrible condition. Though Panaji to Arambol is just a distance of 43 km, it can take anywhere between 1.5 – 2.5 hours with your own vehicle. With a bus, its much worse. So to travel this distance, visit Arambol then to come back the same way isn’t the best idea. I would strongly suggest spending one night at Arambol at the very least or maybe somewhere a little close-by.

7 Best Things to do in Arambol Beach, Goa

1. Take a Dip

Arambol Beach, Goa - Things to do - Sunset Dip

Well, do I even need to explain something here?? You’re in Goa. Infact, you’re at one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. TAKE A DIP IN THE WATER! Arambol beach, unlike most beaches in Goa, doesn’t have countless beach shacks crowing up the beach. As of 2021, I remember there were around 3-4 beach shacks on Arambol beach. So you can either take up a lounge chair at one of those or just set up a beach mat and enjoy.

2. Visit Sweet Water Lake, Arambol

Sweet Water Lake at Arambol Beach Goa, India

When you’re at Arambol beach in North Goa, you absolutely CANNOT miss visiting the Sweet Water Lake there. To reach the lake from Arambol beach, walk through the tunnel on the right side of the beach. You’ll come to a smaller, more secluded beach and the lake will be on the opposite side of the beach. Before you ask, yes you can swim in the lake. It’s one of the best things to do in Arambol. And yes, there are beach shacks nearby for food and drinks. And yes, there is even a stay option there.

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3. Hiking in the Forest

My hotel owner at Arambol told me that there are guided groups that go hiking in the forest. Apparently there is a ‘famous’ tree under which Bob Marley used to smoke or something?? Not being a big fan of smoking and also being a solo female traveler, I didn’t go to see the ‘famous’ tree in the forest. However, if you’re in a group or keen on seeing this side of Arambol, do ask your hotel or hostel about hiking trails to take.

4. Shopping at Arambol, Goa

Sopping at Arambol, Goa, India

All roads leading up to Arambol, Goa are lined with a number of bohemian shops selling all sorts of interesting stuff. From dream catchers to t-shirts, fake tattoos and guitars, you’ll find lots of interesting things to buy here at Arambol. While I was here, I shopped for cute anklets and bracelets. I was even tempted to buy one of the gigantic dream-catchers but I had to relocate to Germany in a few weeks so I didn’t wanna buy unnecessary things. I even saw bags with fascinating patterns here. You can definitely get lost for hours at these road-side shops at Arambol.

5. Hippie Culture

This extreme side of North Goa still witnesses the hippie culture that was predominant in Goa a few decades ago. When I first visited Arambol in 2018, I remember seeing foreigners dressed like actual modern hippies everywhere in Arambol. It was such a new and fascinating sight! While the travel ban may have kept most of them away, Arambol still celebrates this culture. Even today you will find plenty of vegan cafes, trance music being played, and an overall hippie feel to Arambol beach, Goa. Visiting the vegan cafes, dancing, and enjoying the hippie culture is what Arambol is famous for.

6. Hop Over to the Nearby Beaches

Ashwem beach near Arambol, Goa, India

Arambol beach is at the extreme end of North Goa. Apart from Arambol, there are many other beaches in this area. Ashwem beach, Mandrem beach and Morjim beach are all located close-by and are all equally unique, beautiful, have many things to do there and are the perfect places to visit near Arambol beach. Once you have finished all the things to do in Arambol, head over to these nearby beaches for a good time. You can easily walk to them or rent a scooter to get there.

7. Have Breakfast with a View

Arambol beach food options - Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I particularly enjoyed having breakfast with a view of the Sweet Water Lake at Arambol while there was absolutely no one in sight. The secret? Go early. I was at the lake at 7 am for a dip all by myself and subsequently proceeded to have breakfast at a nearby Arambol beach shack. While the breakfast itself was nothing to brag about, and the coffee was just bad, I loved the peace, soliloquy and the view from here ! It’s certainly one of the best things to do in Arambol..

Where to Stay in Arambol Beach, Goa – Hotels and Resorts

Hotels in Arambol Beach

Because a lot of backpackers and budget-travelers visit Arambol beach in North Goa, you will find cheap accommodation in hostels here. Apart from that, there are many hotels and resorts located at the beach. I myself stayed near the Sweet Water Lake but you will easily find accommodation at Arambol beach online.

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Where to Eat – Restaurants at Arambol Beach, North Goa

Where to Eat at Arambol Beach Goa

There is a road on the extreme north side of Arambol beach that is lined with lots of cafes and souvenir shops. I have tried German Bakery on this road and found it pretty decent. You can try out some of the other cafes on this road and let me know which ones are worth visiting next time. 

Now, once you have walked along this road, you will end up on Arambol beach. Look to your right and you’ll see a tunnel. Walk into this tunnel and lo behold! This is the stuff we’re talking about. Imagine a narrow lane with the ocean on one side and the entire lane decorated with colorful clothing shops, restaurants and soothing trance music being played. I always prefer dining at one of the beach-facing restaurants here.

Other Things to do in North Goa

If you’re looking for more things to do and see in North Goa, you’ve come to the right place! I suggest that you start your North Goa tour by first visiting Panaji, the capital city of Goa. There are countless things to do in Panjim Goa, considering the amount of history and beautiful sights that are there. From Panaji, make your way north and explore the many wonderful places to visit in North Goa.

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