Agonda Beach Huts & Guide – Unmissable Beach in South Goa
Agonda Beach Huts & Guide – Unmissable Beach in South Goa

Agonda Beach Huts & Guide – Unmissable Beach in South Goa

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This Agonda beach Goa guide contains the list of Agonda beach huts and other information to plan your trip to Agonda, South Goa.

Goa has always been on the tourist radar - given the number of beaches here. However, in the year 2020-2021, it has grown even more in popularity, given that nobody could travel out of the country. Moreover, people wanted to find places within India itself that weren’t on the tourist radar just yet. That is where Agonda beach comes into the picture.

Agonda beach, Goa has everything that someone visiting Goa could ask for - it has a long clean stretch of a sunny beach, vegan/vegetarian cafes in addition to beach shacks, a long line of shops to buy dresses and knick-knacks from and a number of Agonda beach huts to book a stay here. Take a look at this Agonda beach travel blog post to know everything about this Goa beach!

Apart from this guide to the beach huts in Agonda, South Goa, if you want to see more pictures and videos, then head over to my Instagram profile (@thespicyjourney).

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Agonda Beach Guide & Agonda Beach Huts,

This Agonda beach travel guide contains a description of one of the best Agonda beach huts along with detailed information to plan your trip to Agonda beach in South Goa, India. Feel free to drop a comment below or on my instagram profile to get your questions answered!

Best Time to Visit Agonda Beach, Goa

  • Summer (April - May): Summer in Goa is extremely hot and humid. It can get really uncomfortable if you're not accustomed to the humidity.
  • Monsoon (June - September): Monsoon brings respite from the heat, Goa becomes green and there's freshness in the air. However, your chance of staying at an Agona beach shack are zero in this season.
  • Winter (October - March): This is the most popular and the best time to visit Goa. Tourism is in full bloom and you may have to book your beach stay in Agonda in advance.

How to Reach Agonda Beach, Goa

Because Agonda beach is still not on the mainstream tourist radar yet, there are no buses to the beach unfortunately. The only option is to hire a cab/ drive a rented vehicle or go to Palolem first. Take a look at the various ways to reach Agonda beach below.

How to Reach Agonda Beach from Goa airport

The most convenient way to reach Agonda beach from the Goa airport is to take a cab. Here you have multiple options. Firstly, you can ask your hotel or resort to send a cab. Secondly, you can hire a pre-paid taxi cab which is relatively cheaper. However, the cheapest option is to book a cab using the Goa Miles app.

How to Reach Agonda Beach from Margao Railway Station

From the Madgaon railway station, you can come to the Margao KTC bus stand and take a bus to Palolem. Once there, you can rent a scooter and drive to Agonda or even hitch-hike! Alternatively, you can directly rent a two-wheeler from Margao city and drive down to Agonda. Lastly, you can hire a cab too but that’s the more expensive option compared to the previous two.

How to Reach Agonda Beach from North Goa

The distance of Agonda beach, which is in the far South of Goa to North Goa is a big one. Hence it is advisable to hire a cab in order to go there. You can ask around at a local cab company or use the Goa Miles app to book a taxi to take you to Agonda beach.

Where to Stay at Agonda, Goa

The Bay, Agonda

Agonda beach huts

My husband and I chose to stay at an Agonda beach hut named The Bay, Agonda. Choose this if you want to stay right at the beach but far away from the crowds because this resort is located at the far end of Agonda beach. Other plus points include big spacious rooms and an outdoor shower. On the negative side, we had a bad experience while renting a 2-wheeler there, with the owner completely ripping us off and causing a scene in public. Choose this stay wisely.

Other Agonda Beach Huts

While we were taking a stroll on the beach, we noticed that there were many beach huts at Agonda beach. The price range of these goes from as little as a few hundred rupees to thousands. You can choose a stay at an Agonda beach hut based on your preference and budget.

Things to do at Agonda Beach Goa

1. Agonda River Cruise

Agonda river cruise, South Goa

There’s a small lagoon near Agonda beach where you can take an early-morning boat cruise to watch the backwater scenery. Alternatively, you can take a boat cruise to butterfly beach, honeymoon beach and other smaller beaches in South Goa. Since the best way to reach butterfly beach from Agonda beach is via boat, it would be something different and adventurous that you can try. Do keep in mind that you may be expecting empty beaches but you might find other boat cruise crowds there.

2. Kayaking

Things to do in Agonda beach - Kayaking

One of the best things to do in Agonda if you’re staying at one of the Agonda beach huts is to go kayaking. Wake up early in the morning, rent a kayak from one of the many operators at the beach and enjoy this early morning fun exercise. You may find it a bit strenuous and hard to kayak in the ocean if you’re  a beginner. The trick is to go to the point just deep enough where the waves don’t crash and so changes of you toppling off due to the waves will reduce.

3. Sunrise Walk

Sunrise at Agonda beach

My husband and I loved waking up at sunrise and taking a long walk along the beach while holding hands and talking. This is definitely one of the more romantic things to do at Agonda beach. We followed this with a nice shower and a hearty breakfast before we began our sightseeing of the South Goa beaches. Taking a relaxing walk while there aren’t too many people around gives you a good start to the day. Whether you’re a fitness freak or the lazy kind, you can either exercise or lazily stroll around the beach in the morning.

4. Romantic Dinner

Dinner at Agonda beach, South Goa

The Agonda beach hut where we stayed at had a super romantic candlelight dinner setup every night while we were there. Having a candlelight dinner with the stars over our head and the crashing waves of the ocean in front was definitely a high point of our stay at our Agonda beach hut. If you’re travelling solo in Goa, there’s nothing more empowering than treating yourself to a good meal cuz self love is the best love 😉

5. Visit the Nearby South Goa Beaches

Cabo de rama beach Goa

Needless to stay, your stay at the Agonda beach huts would be incomplete if you don't visit the nearby South Goa beaches. Agonda to Palolem beach is a distance of 9 km. Visiting Palolem beach while you’re in Goa is a must! You can refer to my Palolom beach guide for places to stay, eat and visit. Apart from that, you can’t miss Cabo de Rama beach - a secluded beach in Goa, Patnem beach, Galgibaga beach, Butterfly beach, Cola beach etc.Try to visit at least 2 of these beaches.

Where to Eat at Agonda Beach, Goa

The Agonda beach road has plenty of dining options. I loved the food and vibe at Zest Vegan and Vegetarian Cafe. I also have a soft spot for Blue Planet Cafe which is located a few hundred meters off the beach. In any case, you’ll find lots of places to eat in Agonda beach. If not, there are lots of cute cafes and restaurants at the nearby Palolem beach as well. Note that lots of these cater to vegans and vegetarians, if you happen to be one!

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