What to Wear in Goa: Must Have Essentials for Goa Trip
What to Wear in Goa: Must Have Essentials for Goa Trip

What to Wear in Goa: Must Have Essentials for Goa Trip

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Pinterest Graphic for What to Wear in Goa
Pinterest Graphic for What to Wear in Goa

What to wear in Goa? What would be the right beach dresses in Goa? How to keep up with Goa fashion?

Raise your hand if you've done a google search of the above before an upcoming Goa trip! Personally, I put in a bit of an effort (Read- a little too much effort) before I head off to any vacation. But Goa is not just any destination. It has a special place in not just our Indian hearts but also in the hearts of foreign tourists. There's something for everyone here - the beach, greenery, yoga, meditation, water sports, organic cafes, boho vibes and so much more! So it's only natural that you may want to make sure you know what to pack for Goa. Worry not, based on my 11+ years of living in and loving Goa, I've got a list of essential clothing items that answer your questions.

What to Wear in Goa: Top 10 Clothing Items to Carry

While I can make a huge list of clothes and dresses for your Goa trip, I would much rather stick to the essentials. Everyone has their own sense of style and thus, I'm only focusing on some must-haves clothes for a Goa trip. Take a look at the list below:

1. Casual Dress

Casual Dress for What to Pack for Goa

A casual short dress can go a long way. Wear it as is, under a long checked shirt, with a denim jacket or paired with a printed shrug. I like to wear short dresses when I want to spend a lazy day waking up a little late and then catching brunch at an art cafe. I usually keep my look simple with large hoop earrings and a bohemian printed sling bag. However, this versatile dress can be styled in numerous ways, some of which I mentioned above. You can take this basic dress and style it in any way to reflect your personality.


2. Boho Maxi Dress

instagrammable boho maxi dress

This look is one of my all-time favorites. After all, there's nothing that can beat a long flowing bohemian dress. It goes without saying that this would be a top choice for dresses to wear in Goa. You can wear it to the beach, while sightseeing, during brunch or while casually strolling around. Jazz it up with chunky silver earring and you're good t go. The dress shown above is from Ajio's spring-summer 2018 collection. Not just that, it's even available in alternative color choices. This one is a keeper!

3. Short Skirts

The humble white skirt is a versatile, I'd say, ubiquitous piece of clothing. Carrying this skirt will make your Goa fashion game strong. You can wear it with a nice top for a fancy lunch date. Alternatively, you could wear it under a bright red top for an eye-catching look or with a subtle light tie-up top to make a chic statement. In any case, this skirt can be adapted in countless ways for your next Goa holiday. However, if you're not comfortable carrying a white skirt then I'd suggest you go for a blue a-line skirt. It's just as versatile and can be paired with any kind of top or t-shirt and shrug.

4. Shorts


On occassions when you're feeling a little adventurous - climbing the hills to reach waterfalls or parasailing to catch an aerial view of the Goan coastline, you might wanna trade the skirts and dresses for shorts. While the blue denim shorts are a trusted staple, if you want a bit of a stylish change, I'd say go for another colour. Brightly coloured or printed shorts are in trend right now. But, if you want your topwear to shine then pick black shorts that look trendy and at the same time, they don't take the limelight away from your topwear. In the picture above, I paired my H&M casual t-shirt with boho black shorts from the Ajio spring-summer 2018 collection.

5. Kaftan Top

Kaftan top for what to wear in Goa

A kaftan top is an essential beachwear in Goa. The beaches in Goa have colourful by-lanes leading up to them. In these lanes, you'll find numeous shops selling all manner of items from clothing, jewelry, bright lamps, souveniers and more. Alongside there shops you'll also find cute litte eateries offering healthy and delicious food. It's in these lanes of Patnem beach, that I picked up my kaftan top from. You can use it to cover yourself up once you're done swimming and wish to walk around the vibrant by-roads.

6. Off-Shoulder Top

Offshoulder top for what to wear in Goa

If you're wondering what to pack while travelling to Goa, put this one in your bag right now. Off-shoulder tops are sexy and cute at the same time. For a simple, subtle look, take a peach off-shoulder top. To add a bit of drama to it, opt for one with bell sleeves. Moreover, you can even get a mustard coloured off-shoulder top and wear it either with an a-line skirt or with shorts. Layed that with a printed shrug and large tassel earrings for a more sophisticated look.

7. Bright Tops

Goa has tons of history and culture hidden in it's colourful lanes. While you're out exploring these areas, it's only fitting that you wear something that's as bright as your surroundings. For occassions like these, carry a bright yellow/ mustard/ red/ or orange top that can stand-out among the vibrant houses in Goa. Wear these with jeans, printed pants or skirts and layer them with jackets or shrugs as per your preference. I'd highly recommend carrying hairbands or bendys that can add playfullness to your look.


8. Denim Jacket

Pack denim jacket for Goa

There's something about the good old denim jacket that makes it a trusted wardrobe essential. A denim jacket can be worn over a maxi dress, casual dress, striped dress, shorts, long skirts, short skirts, jeans, casual pants and basically almost everything. I love this vintage look I created while exploring the sleepy old town of Chandor in Goa. I wore a striped dress under my denim jacket, which is from Ajio. To add to this, I accessorized with a mustard hairband and a tan sling bag. Don't forget to pack a denim jacket to wear in Goa - it can be extremely helpful and stylish as well.

9. Quirky Footwear

Wear quirky sandals in Goa

Enough talk about Goa clothes! We're moving on to footwear. Why wear the same old boring black or tan sandals everywhere? Although, I might be guilty of that myself! Quirky sandals, as we all know, have taken over the fashion scene. While in Goa, you can wear the brightest, most outrageous looking footwear and it would blend in perfectly with the surroundings. That's the beauty of Goa! Nonetheless, if you want to wear something fuss-free but that's not boring at the same time, go for light pink sandals that be worn over anything.

10. Hats and Sunglasses

Wear large hats in Goa

In any season except for monsoon, Goa is bright and sunny. To avoid a nasty tan or sunburn and to enjoy your Goa trip at the same time, carry hats and sunglasses with you. A large hat with a beautiful quote on it or a straw hat will look just about perfect. When it comes to sunglasses, skip the same old black one and go for something fun. White, yellow pink and burgundy sunnies look fun and quirky at the same time.

There you go. Your Goa trip is now sorted.

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