A Perfect Prague Itinerary for 2 Days and Prague Travel Guide
A Perfect Prague Itinerary for 2 Days and Prague Travel Guide

A Perfect Prague Itinerary for 2 Days and Prague Travel Guide

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This article is a Prague travel guide that contains the best places to visit in Prague in 2 days and a Prague itinerary.

Want to spend the perfect 2 days in Prague but don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place because I have put together the best Prague itinerary for two days. With this itinerary, you will get to experience the bohemian charm, soak in all the Baroque architecture, walk the ancient cobblestone steps, eat all delicious the street food and ride in many-a cute trams that Prague has to offer.

In this 2-day Prague itinerary, I’ve listed all the places to visit in Prague but have left enough room for you to wander off and explore this bucket list destination on your own. Quite naturally, being a big foodie myself, I’ve also included Prague’s best eateries and bars at the end of this travel guide.

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History of Prague

The city of Prague was given its name in the 9th century and was also the seat of the rulers of Bohemia. Having seen a ton of fights and rulers, the modern city of Prague flourished during the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries. During World War 2, when Prague was captured by the Nazi party, it luciky escaped severe bombing by the allies and thus remains gloriously standing. After the war, Prague came under Soviet rule and finally in 1993, it became the capital of the Czech Republic thanks to the Velvet Revolution.

Is Prague Worth Visiting?

It’s pointless to even have this question here. Yes of course Prague is worth visiting! In case I haven’t mentioned it earlier, the entire old part of Prague feels like you’ve stepped back into another era. Sure, most of Europe has cobblestone steps but Prague feels different. In all honesty, it is something that can only be experienced, and not explained. Moreover, there are tons of places to see in Prague to keep you busy. Apart from that, Prague has some of the best cocktail bars in Europe and a raging food scene! So whether you’re backpacking or spending a fun weekend in Prague or visiting for any other reasons, there are plenty of things to do in Prague for all types of travelers!

Do you Need One or Two Days in Prague?

So now that we’ve established that Prague is definitely worth visiting, how many days do you need in Prague? How many days are sufficient to see Prague? Since I have written a Prague itinerary for 2 days, it’s not hard to guess that I was in Prague for two days, over the weekend. I felt that I saw most of the places to visit in Prague within those 2 days. That being said, if I had one more day in Prague to explore a few local joints, another cocktail bar (or two), I wouldn’t have said no!

All in all, two days in Prague are sufficient to cover everything to see and experience but if you have a couple of extra days, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. There’s plenty to see and do in Prague.

Prague Weather and  Best Time to Visit Prague

Summer is the best time to visit Prague. There, I said it. If you want to see snow or Christmas markets, then the nearby countries of Germany and Austria have bigger and better Christmas markets. Prague is a place that is best enjoyed when the sun is shining over the city and the skies are a clear blue. This is also the time when the Prague weather is at its warm best and it will be a good time to take a boat ride to see the city from a boat.

How to Reach Prague, Czechia

Prague, being located in the heart of Europe, close to both Eastern and Western Europe. It is also in close proximity to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy which makes it easy to reach Prague by plane, train or bus.

Prague Airport

The Václav Havel Airport in Prague is located just outside the city about 18 km away. It takes 30-50 minutes by car and 40-60 minutes by public transportation to commute between the Prague airport and the Prague city center. Expect to pay 700 CZK (€28.5) or more, depending on your destination, for a taxi. However, for a bus ride on lines 100 or 119 you only need to pay CZK 40 (€1.6) for a 1 hour ride.

How to Reach Prague By Bus

I have found that FlixBus is a cheap, easy and convenient way to get around cities in Europe. If you book in advance, atleast 3 months prior, then you will find tickets for cheaper than €20 or less to reach Prague.

Germany to Prague

Because I live in Germany and it’s located right next to the Czech Republic, it’s important for me to include information on how to reach Prague from Germany. The best way to go to Prague from Dresden or Berlin is to drive there because it only takes approximately 2 hours from these cities.However, there is also an option of booking a Flixbus from most cities in Germany to Prague. I found the bus to be extremely spacious and comfortable. Moreover, even though they have regular breaks, they also have a restroom in the bus itself.

How to Get Around Prague, Czech Republic

How to get around Prague in 2 days - Vintage trams in Prague travel guide

The best way to get around Prague is to walk. Because of how ancient and aesthetic the city is, walking is the best way to enjoy every nook and cranny of the city. However, when you have only 2 days in Prague and want to make the most of your time there then taking the beautiful vintage trams is the best way to get around Prague. Honestly, I found the city very inexpensive compared to Germany, where I live and the ticket prices are too good to be true!

The tickets can be bought at any station or even at convenience stores or even at your place of stay. Keep in mind that even though you can purchase a ticket in advance, you need to validate it the moment you begin to use it.

TicketPrice (Adult)Price (Senior Citizens 60-65)Price (Kids under 15 and Seniors over 65)
30 MinuteCZK 30CZK 15Free
90 MinuteCZK 40CZK 20Free
24 HoursCZK 120CZK 60Free
72 HoursCZK 330CZK 330Free
Ticket prices for public transportation in Prague

For comfort and ease of travel within Prague, book a hop-on hop-off tour of Prague.

Prague Map

Map of places to visit in Prague in 2 days

Prague Travel Tips for First Timers

1. Ticket validation

As scenic and dreamy the Prague trams are, do not ever forget to validate your ticket before use! As soon as you start using your short-term or long-term ticket, validate it the moment you step inside a tram or bus at one of the boxes placed at every vehicle. If you’re caught by random ticket checkers, you’ll be paying a hefty fine.

2. Boat ride

A boat ride through the Vltava river is the best way to see the city. You’ll get to see Prague from a different perspective and the fresh air and beautiful views of Prague from a boat will make it a highlight of the things to do in Prague.

3. Cocktail bars

Prague is famous for some of the best cocktail bars in the world. Although going to a bar or pub might be cheaper, if you have the time and money, then try getting at least one drink in a cocktail bar. I’ve listed the best bars in Prague at the bottom of this Prague travel guide.

4. Money Conversion

The currency used in Prague is the Czech Koruna (CZK) and not the Euro, even though the country falls under the Schengen area in the EU. Even though most establishments accept the Euro, you’ll end up being charged higher. So it is better to get your money exchanged beforehand at one of the many money exchange kiosks in the city.

5. Avoid scams

Just like any big, popular city, Prague also has a lot of scammers walking around. Make sure you research and are aware of the scams in Prague beforehand. In any case, as long as you’re alert and careful, you’ll have a hassle-free trip to Prague.

Hotels in Prague : Where to Stay in Prague

Given that Prague is a popular weekend getaway and a popular stop on most people’s Europe backpacking route, it would be unfair not to mention the best places to stay in Prague inside this Prague itinerary and travel guide.

1. Residence Bologna

Budget hotel in Prague - Residence Bologna

Not only is this hotel only a 10 minute walk from the Charles bridge, but they are also one of the best-rated budget-friendly stays in Prague. If you want to cover all the places to visit in Prague within 2 days, then this hotel has the most ideal location, close to all important sights. Additionally, they also provide a great breakfast which is included in the minimal cost of the room. Moreover, the hotel also has a balcony with an incredible view of Prague city.

Check availability and price of Residence Bologna on Booking.com

2. Hotel Cube Prague

Best Hotels in Prague - Hotel Cube Prague

Coming to comfortable places to stay in Prague, Hotel Cube is a 4-star hotel located only 1 km from the Charles Bridge. The rooms come with a great view of Prague, a bathtub and many amenities. Not just that, they also have a terrace and provide an included breakfast plus a parking garage.

Check availability and price of Hotel Cube Prague on Booking.com

3. Old Town Square Apartments

Places to stay in Prague in two days - Old Town Square Apartments

The Old Town Square Apartments located right in the Old Town of Prague, near the astronomical clock. The fully furnished apartments come with two or three bedrooms and can accommodate up to 8 people. Their amenities include a fully furnished kitchen, TV, bathtubs, and airport transfers among others. The best part of booking these apartments is that they come in various price ranges starting from €100 and going up to over €500. Thus the Old Town Square apartments are a great way to save money on eating out and are suitable for all budgets.

Check availability and price of Old Town Square Apartments on Booking.com

4. Grand Hotel Bohemia

Luxury Hotel in Prague - Grand Hotel Bohemia

If you’re looking for a luxurious stay in Old Town Prague then Grand Hotel Bohemia does not disappoint. Apart from rooms with a balcony, amazing views, bathtubs and many amenities, there is also a luxurious bar and restaurant on premises. Only a 10-minute walk from the Charles Bridge, this is the best hotel in Prague for an indulging comfortable stay.

Check availability and price of Grand Hotel Bohemia on Booking.com

Hostels in Prague

Czech Inn, Prague is a super clean and comfortable hostel in Prague. Apart from being the most highly-rated budget stay in Prague, it is also right next to a tram station. Not just that, they also have an in-house bar that serves cheap drinks.

Hostel Elf, Prague is located close to the main train station and only 2 km from the Old Town Square. Not only does this hostel have kitchens available to cook food and save some bucks, but they are also pet friendly! They also have nice, clean rooms and great common spaces.

The Madhouse Prague is one of the best-rated hostels for solo travelers for a number of reasons. Firstly, they have a prime location which is near the National Museum and only a 10 minute walk from the Charles Bridge. Next, they have a shared kitchen, a lively atmosphere and hold pub crawls. Finally, it is rated as one of the best party hostels in the world and lives up to its reputation!

Find Hostels in Prague on Booking.com

Best Places to Visit in Prague in Two Days & A Prague Itinerary

Given the beauty of this tiny region and the number of sightseeing places, you never have to wonder about what to do in Montmartre. Apart from the best things to do in Montmartre that are listed below, walk around and discover more hidden gems for yourself.


1. Prague Castle

Prague itinerary for 2 days and Prague travel guide - Prague castle

The Prague Castle is an impressive castle which overlooks the entire city. In fact, the best view of the castle itself is from the Charles bridge. Entry to the castle grounds and common areas are free of cost but you need to pay in order to access private parts of the Prague castle. Personally, we opted for the free visit and were not disappointed at all. That being said, spare at least 2 hours for a thorough visit to the Prague castle and don’t miss the view of Prague from the castle gardens – which is one of the best viewpoints in Prague.

2. Charles Bridge – Best Place to Visit in this Prague Itinerary

Prague itinerary for 2 days - Charles Bridge

A medieval stone arch bridge on the Vltava river, the bridge dates back to the 15th century. The bridge offers an impressive view of the Prague castle complex. One of the most interesting things about this bridge is that whether it is only in the morning or late in the evening, there are always scores of people on the Charles Bridge. In the daytime you will find musicians performing, artist sketching and vendors selling anything between souvenirs and jewelry on the bridge.It is possible to climb the tower on the edge of the bridge between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.. One of the best things to do in Prague is to purchase a local snack from the vendors near the bridge and eat it while walking through the iconic Charles Bridge.

3. Prague Astronomical Clock

Things to do in Prague in 2 days - Astronomical Clock in Prague Travel Guide

No Prague itinerary would be complete without including the Astronomical Clock which is one of the best places to visit in Prague. Attached to the Old Town Hall, although it may seem impressive to some at first sight, it is in fact the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. You will find this clock next to the Old Town Square in Prague, which is a 10 minute walk from the Charles Bridge. Even though the clock doesn’t show the correct time because it hasn’t been calibrated to accommodate the daylight savings time shifts that happen every year, it is still an unmissable place to visit in Prague city.

4. Old Town Square

Places to visit in Prague in two days - Prague itinerary - Old Town Square, Prague

The Old Town Square of Prague is one of the most hauntingly beautiful sites, especially at sunrise. This lively square holds the astronomical clock apart from other impressive old buildings and is also a 10-minute walk from the Charles Bridge. It’s a great place to sip coffee or sit idly on a bench and watch the carriages go by. Which is why you must visit the old town square on the first day of your Prague itinerary for 2 days.

5. Powder Tower

Places to visit in Prague in 2 days - Powder Tower

Powder tower of Prague is one of the original city gates that is still standing to this date. The tower can be easily reached from the Old Town Square by foot within a few minutes of walking. The construction of this tower began in the 1400s and is built in the gothic style of architecture. Today the tower is a mere instagrammable spot in Prague but it is still worth a visit, even if you have only 2 days in Prague.

6. Jewish Quarter

The Jewish quarter of Prague is also located at a small walking distance from the Old Town. Not only do you get to see Jewish synagogues but also a Jewish cemetery dating back to the 15th century. Although you need to pay in order to visit the museum, it is highly recommended to pay a visit in order to fully understand and grasp the history of Jews, especially during the second world war.

7. St Vitus Cathedral

Prague travel guide and itinerary for 2 days - St Vitus Cathedral

The St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the unmissable places in Prague City. Located inside the Prague Castle, it contains the tomb of many holy Roman Emperors as well as bohemian Kings. The exterior of the cathedral can be seen free of cost but you need to pay to visit the inside of the cathedral and in the impressive stained glass windows and the marvelous architecture.The cathedral is open from 9 to 5 from Monday to Saturday and from 12 to 5 on Sundays. Keep in mind that the visiting hours are reduced by an hour in the evenings between November and March.


1. Dancing House

Prague in 2 days - Places to see - Dancing House

Even though it’s a commercial building containing office spaces, the dancing house is a popular instagram location in Prague. The reason why this building is so popular is because of its unique architecture that resembles two dancers. Furthermore, its prime location next to the river is an added bonus.

2. Vysehrad

One of the underrated offbeat spots in Prague, Vysehrad is an old fortified castle complex with gardens, a graveyard, cathedral, a bunch of history and of course a great view of the Charles Bridge and all of Prague. One of the reasons why Vysehrad is an offbeat place to visit in Prague is because it is located slightly further down south from the rest of the spots to see. However, it is easily accessible by tram, especially if you have the 24 hour card, and one can even walk here within 30 minutes from the Prague city center.

3. Lennon Wall

Two days in Prague - Weekend itinerary - Lennon wall

A symbol of love and peace, the Lennon wall in Prague has an interesting history. Following the assassination of John Lennon, the famous singer, in 1980, people began to write poems, draw murals and paint as an ode to the late singer. Despite having been painted over multiple times by the authorities, the wall continues to carry graffiti and poems. And so, the Lennon wall – a symbol of peace is a must visit place in this Prague itinerary.

4. Petrin Tower

Taller than the Eiffel Tower, the views from up the Petrin Tower are breathtaking! However, this view comes with a price tag. Entry into the tower costs 150 CZK (€6) for adults and the elevator ride up costs an additional 60 CZK (€2.44). Naturally, you can even choose to walk up the 300 steps to the top of the tower. The effort put into the climb will be well-worth the panoramic view of Prague from up there!

5. Vrtba Garden

Coming to some more gardens with a view, the Vrtba Garden has baroque style balconies overlooking Prague. Due to this, the garden is now one of the best places for photography and an instagrammable place in Prague. However, even if you’re not a photography enthusiast, the garden is a beautiful place to walk around, enjoy the architecture and views. Furthermore, there are veen some really good cafes and restaurants here to dine with a view of Prague. And so it is an unmissable place in this Prague itinerary for 2 days.

6. Franz Kafka – Rotating Head in Prague

Prague itinerary and travel guide - Franz Kafka rotating head

Franz Kafka Rotating Head is an 11 meter tall sculpture of the head of the writer Franz Kafka. The sculpture consists of 42 rotating panels that rotate for 15 minutes at the top of every hour. Located in the Quadrio shopping area in Prague, the statue is located midway between the National Theater and the National Museum.

7. Letna Park

The Letna Park is situated on a hilltop, overlooking the entire city of Prague. During the summertime, you can visit the Letna beer garden and have drinks with a view of Prague. There are even parties and events held here often during summer. All in all, it’s a great place to walk around and watch the sun go down.

8. National Theater

Places to see in Prague in two days - 2-day prague itinerary - National Theater

The National Theater of Prague is located in the Old Town area, close to the Charles Bridge and has two tram stops nearby by the name Národní divadlo. The exterior of the theater is just as beautiful as the interior. Watching a show inside the National Theater, which can be booked online in advance, is one of the best things to do in Prague. Additionally, the bridge next to the theater has some of the best views of Charles Bridge at sunset.

Where to Eat in Prague – Restaurants and Cafes

Where to eat in Prague - Best restaurants and cafes listed in this Prague travel guide
Dinner at Restaurant U Mecenáše

Naturally, if you’re going to spend a weekend in Prague or more than 2 days in Prague then you’ll need to find some awesome places to eat. Luckily, Prague isn’t as expensive as western Europe and I found there to be many choices of budget-friendly places to eat in Prague. 

Beas Vegetarian Dhaba is a chain of restaurants in Prague where you can get a bunch of Indian and Asian dishes and pay a minimal amount based on the weight of the items you pick on your plate. Having eaten there, I can vouch for the price and taste here!

Loving Hut is also a chain of cheap eats in Prague where you’ll find Oriental and Asian cuisine at low rates that you also pay for based on the weight of items. Moreover, the chain of restaurants is vegan!

On our last evening in Prague, we had dinner at Restaurace U Mecenáše where we found a range of cuisines and even options for vegetarians like myself. The vibe, the view and the food was perfect for our final evening in Prague.

To Enjoy a medieval dinner in Prague with unlimited drinks, checkout this activity in Prague.

Street Food in Prague

Prague famous street food - Trdlnik

Do not miss out on the unique street food in Prague such as Trdelník , fried cheese sandwiches, Halušky  or Ham dishes. There are many shops near the Charles Bridge where you’ll find amazing street food. My favorite Prague street food was Trdelnik, which was rolled dough with chocolate filled inside, often with various nuts as well. During summer, many vendors gave us the option of adding ice-cream inside and fruits as toppings which was really refreshing!

Best Bars in Prague

Best Cocktail Bars in Prague listed in this Prague travel guide and itinerary - Hemingway Bar
The absinth-based cocktail at Hemingway Bar

Prague being a popular backpacking destination and a hotspot for the younger crowd, has some of the best bars, including cocktail bars and even a nightmare Prague horror bar. In fact, during my two days in Prague, I made sure not to miss visiting some of the famous bars in Prague and I was actually super impressed. Hemingway Bar is inspired by – you guessed it – Hemingway. It has a cozy vibe and dark interiors that set the mood for incredible cocktails. Their absinthe based cocktails are famous and I think it was the best cocktail I’ve ever had! You can make reservations on their website and if you’re lucky, they might be able to accommodate you if you happen to not have one.

Tereasa U Prince is one of the most instagrammable locations in Prague which is why it is recommended to get here early and with recommendations! The bar is located on the 4th level and has the best view of the Prague Old Town Square as well as the Astronomical Clock. Apart from drinks, they are also known to serve good food!

Some of the other notable bars in Prague include The Alchemist bar – a centrally located great bar with good signature cocktails and Anonymous bar – that even have a changing menu of drinks, a secret menu seen with special light and a drink that gets lit with fire!

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