Eiffel Tower Viewpoints: 13 Places for the Best Eiffel Tower View
Eiffel Tower Viewpoints: 13 Places for the Best Eiffel Tower View

Eiffel Tower Viewpoints: 13 Places for the Best Eiffel Tower View

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This article lists the photo spots to get the best views of the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower or the Iron Lady is a landmark in Paris. While Paris in general is so beautiful thanks to the Haussmann style architecture, picturesque gardens and romantic streets, the Eiffel Tower is like a cherry on the cake – quite literally. When I was in Paris for 10 days, I found it hard to take out my camera and take a picture. That’s how mesmerized I was by the beauty of the Iron Lady. Nonetheless, I am glad I did photo shoots with the Eiffel Tower so now I get fond memories and great pictures of my trip. All the Eiffel Tower viewpoints listed below are popular among both photographers and tourists but this should not hold you back from getting your own memorable photos with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

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Where is the Eiffel Tower Located?

If you don’t know the answer to this question already then I don’t think you should be reading any further. I’m just kidding. The Eiffel Tower is located in the 7th arrondissement in Paris, France. Situated next to the seine river and surrounded by the appealing Haussmann Style buildings, the tower literally towers above Paris. You will find views of the Eiffel Tower from countless viewpoints scattered across Paris and even while walking around the beautiful city.

Eiffel Tower Viewpoints in Paris

In this travel blog post on the best Eiffel Tower viewpoints, I have mentioned the most popular places to get the best Eiffel Tower views. Naturally, the Eiffel Tower is visible from countless places as you walk around Paris. It looks beautiful from any angle at any point of the day. That being said, there are certain viewpoints for the Eiffel Tower from where you can get a clear cut view of this famous landmark and some gorgeous pictures for the gram. Scroll down further to see my list of the 13 best Eiffel Tower viewpoints.

13 Places for the Best Eiffel Tower Views in Paris

Now, I’ll start with a disclaimer. You’ll find countless articles on the internet and one too many Instagram reels showing you these beautiful picture-perfect Eiffel towers views. All these places look so dreamy, like something straight out of a movie. And while yes they are dreamy places, they are also super popular thanks to blogs like mine.

So be warned that you will encounter a plethora of people at these places. They are also on their dream trip to Paris and want to get the best Eiffel Tower views so be respectful of each other’s space and let everybody get their chance to photograph the iron lady.

1. Trocadero

Up-close view of the Eiffel Tower - Trocadero

Trocadero is the most obvious place to photograph the Eiffel tower and for good reason. Located directly across the tower, on the other side of the river, the Trocadero offers the best, unobstructed view of the Eiffel tower. It is a large public square with incredible views of both the Seine and the Eiffel Tower which is located in the 16th arrondissement.

While most people (and pickpockets) gather here at sunset, it’s worth getting up early and catching the sunrise from here.

It is crucial to mention, though, that there has been some construction work going on here since 2020. I was at Trocadero in April 2022 and the work was still going on. The view if the tower is obstructed due to this and you might not be able to get the shots you want. However, this gives you the chance to get creative and find other angles to shoot at the Trocadero.

Location: Place du Trocadéro, 75016 Paris, France

Best Time to Go: Sunrise to get away from the crowds or sunset for good lighting and to capture the Eiffel Tower sparkling but expect LOTS of people.

2. Seine next to Pont d’Iena

Eiffel Tower viewpoint - Seine next to Pont de Iena in Paris France

From the Trocadero, when you cross the road, you’ll be at one end of the Pont d’Iena – a cute little bridge directly across the Eiffel Tower. But wait a second, don’t cross the bridge yet. Find the staircase to go down to the bank of the river. Seine. From here, you will get the best view of the Eiffel Tower with the bridge in the frame as well.

You can walk either to the left or the right side of the bridge Pont d’Iena to get a nice couple/ solo/ wedding/ engagement photoshoot with Eiffel Tower views. There is plenty of space here so you’ll get a good shot even if there are other people around.

The best part about this viewpoint is that surprisingly, I never encountered a crowd here. Sure there were a few wedding or couple photoshoots going on here but it was never too crowded for comfort.

Location: Pl. de Varsovie, 75016 Paris, France

Best Time to Go: Sunrise for incredible soft lighting. Expect some photographers during the rest of the day but it never gets too crowded.

3. Avenue de New York

Eiffel Tower View from Avenue de New York

Avenue se New York is yet another viewpoint for the Eiffel Tower that’s never too crowded at any point of the day. That’s because this is actually an entire lane from where you get incredible photo-worthy views of the Eiffel Tower. Whether you’re taking pictures from the left end of the road or the right one, you’re bound to get amazing views of the Eiffel Tower. 

Keep in mind that this is a popular spot to watch the sunset at the Eiffel Tower so it can get super packed and swarming with both visitors and pickpockets alike!

Location : Av. de New York, 75116 Paris, France

Best Time to go: You can go anytime of the day and get a good picture, even if there are people walking around. However, it does get crowded during the sunset.

4. Avenue de Camoens

Best Eiffel Tower Viewpoint - Avenue de Camoens

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I love this quaint and quiet Eiffel Tower viewpoint not just for a nice big view of the tower but also because it’s so close to the Trocadero yet so few tourists are aware of this location! 

To get here, exit the Trocadero garden on the right and continue walking on the lane until you see a staircase going up. You’ll arrive at this popular place to photograph the Eiffel Tower once you climb up these steps.

Surrounded by charming Haussmann buildings and shrubbery, this spot has a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower at any time of the day, although the lighting is better at sunset here. Keep in mind though, that this spot is famous among photographers so you will find quite a few here!

Location: Av. de Camoens, 75116 Paris, France

Best Time to go: The lighting is best at sunset but it will be impossible to shoot with so many people around so go before 10 am to avoid the crowds.

5. Rue de l’Universite

Eiffel Tower Photo Location - Rue de Universite

If you follow me on Instagram (@thespicyjourney), then you’ll see some truly envious pictures that I’ve managed to click at this convenient place to photograph the Eiffel Tower. Not only do you get a good up-close view of the Eiffel Tower with a garden and Haussmann buildings nearby but this is actually one of the prettiest streets in all of Paris and is close to the entrance of the Eiffel Tower. 

So you can just hop right here when you’re coming to visit the tower. I especially loved this viewpoint in Paris due to the convenient location as well as the typical Parisian feel, particularly during sunrise.

Location: Rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris, France

Best Time to go: Since this is a popular viewpoint for the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it can get extremely crowded. Therefore I recommend coming here super early in the morning preferably before 10 a.m.

6. L’Howea

Offbeat Eiffel Tower Viewpoint - L'Howea

You know how in the movies or shows the main character is walking in Paris through these Haussmann buildings, boulangeries and patisseries and we get to see glimpses of the Eiffel Tower in the background? That’s what L’Howea – an unsuspecting viewpoint for the Eiffel Tower feels like. In fact, the whole street is quiet and offers many places to photograph the Eiffel Tower.

L’Howea itself is a flower shop in an upscale Parisian neighborhood near the Eiffel Tower. Since this is a residential area, be respectful and considerate and not cause any problems to the residents here.

Location: 18 Av. Rapp, 75007 Paris, France

Best Time to go: You can go anytime during the day because this is a neighborhood with locals and very few tourists come here for pictures.

7. Debilly Footbridge

Instagram Location near Eiffel Tower - Debilly Bridge

There are many bridges in Paris to get a good view of the Eiffel Tower. In fact, each one is just as good as the other one. In this article, I have listed 3 of the best bridges to get the best Eiffel Tower views and Debilly Footbridge happens to be one of them.

This bridge is only for those walking on foot so you can walk around and photograph freely without having to worry about vehicles.

This bridge is also a good place to get a sunset view of the Eiffel Tower as it is neither too close nor too far from here. Like Goldilocks says, it’s just perfect.

Location: Passerelle Debilly, 75007 Paris, France

Best Time to go: Debilly Footbridge offers the best sunset view point off the Eiffel Tower. It is easy to take photos here since there is no vehicular traffic.

8. Pont Alexandre III

Eiffel Tower Views from a Bridge - Pont Alexandre III

Coming to my favorite and possibly the most beautiful bridges in Paris. Pont Alexandre III is featured in many-a movies and TV shows like Gossip Girl and Emily in Paris (Don’t judge me! I know you secretly binge these shows too). Given its grandeur and awe-inspiring architecture, you need to visit the Pont Alexandre III for a photoshoot with the Eiffel Tower.

In all seriousness, if you have absolutely no time in Paris and can only see one Eiffel Tower bridge viewpoint then come here. Not only does the bridge offer the best views of the Eiffel Tower but it is also one of the most instagrammable places in Paris.

Location: Pont Alexandre III, 75008 Paris, France

Best Time to go: Since it is a bridge, there is vehicular traffic at all times of the day. However, it is not so crowded so you might be able to sneak in a few photos if you’re patient enough.

9. Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Viewpoint for the Eiffel Tower - Pont de Bir Hakeim

This Paris bridge for the best view of the Eiffel Tower is located on the western side of the tower. Easily accessible from the Bir Hakeim metro station, this bridge also offers up-close and uninterrupted views of the tower. 

Not only is the bridge open to vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians but its upper level is also for the metro. Which means that if you come to the Bir Hakeim metro station, you will get epic Eiffel Tower views from a train!

Location: Pont de Bir-Hakeim, 75015 Paris, France

Best Time to go: Since it is a popular bridge in Paris, there are many photo-shoots taking place here. But since it is a long bridge, try different angles to get a clear shot.

10. Garden at the Foot of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Photo Spot - Garden

Sometimes the best places are the ones we least expect. The garden at the foot of the Eiffel Tower also offers some excellent photography points. And no, I’m not talking about the larger area at the Champ de Mars – the garden in front of the tower. Once you are right at the foot of the Eiffel Tower near the elevators, if you look around, you will see a small garden behind the stands. This garden has nice trees, bences, fountains and close-up Eiffel Tower views

Location: 75007 Paris, France

Best Time to go: Since most tourists run off to the Champ de Mars which is a more popular Eiffel Tower viewpoint, you can walk closer to this section of the garden anytime during the day.

11. Galeries Lafayette

Rooftop View of Eiffel Tower - Galeries Lafayette

To get the best Eiffel Tower rooftop views, head over to the very beautiful Galeries Lafayette Haussmann building in the evening. Though it’s a luxury store containing the most luxurious brands in the world, they have a free Paris rooftop. This rooftop is free to access and is open as long as the Galeries Lafayette department store is open, which is till 8 pm.

From here, you can capture romantic Eiffel Tower rooftop views which look especially magical in the night after sunset once the tower lights up.

Location: 40 Bd Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France

Best Time to go: Now that this is a popular viewpoint for the Eiffel Tower, expect crowds there during the evening. Head there as soon as the store opens to have it to yourself.

12. Eiffel Tower Views From a Boat

Eiffel Tower Views from a Boat

A Seine river cruise is an unmissable bucket list activity in Paris. Not only is it incredibly romantic, but you also get Eiffel Tower views from a boat. Though the best time to go on a river cruise is during or after sunset, I honestly love Paris at any time of the day! 

You will find a Seine cruise starting from as little as €15 to as much as private Seine cruises costing over €500. My husband and I did a regular boat cruise with Bateaux Paris that cost us a mere €17 each. It was a one hour boat ride in the Seine from where we got to see the Eiffel Tower from a boat, hand in hand.

Ofcourse, there are more variety of cruises in Paris such as a night cruise with a 3 course dinner, a night apertif cruise with music or a leisurely 2-hour Seine river cruise lunch. These cruises have different price ranges and I feel that the cost of spending a little more money is worth the magnificent experience of seeing Paris from a boat with meals and drinks served in a romantic setting.

Best Time to go: During or after sunset to see the lights at the Eiffel Tower sparkle.

13. Place de la Concorde

Offbeat Place to Photograph the Eiffel Tower - Place de la Concorde

Now this one is actually an unsuspecting offbeat viewpoint for the Eiffel Tower that is not mentioned in most lists of places to see the Eiffel Tower. This is actually a large square behind the Tuileries Garden that has an Egyptian obelisk and two beautiful fountains. The best part though, is that the Eiffel Tower is visible from behind these ornate fountains. It looks absolutely magical, especially when there are no crowds around

Location: Place de la Concorde 75008 Paris, France

Best Time to go: Sunrise to find the plaza empty but you can get photos anytime of the day.

Luxury Hotels in Paris with View of the Eiffel Tower

1. Shangri-La Paris

Luxury hotel with Eiffel Tower view- Shangri-la Paris

If you want the best, most luxurious hotel in Paris with Eiffel Tower views then look no further. The former residence of a Prince Roland Bonaparte, this hotel has grand rooms with a view painted in hues of blue, white and ecru. Featuring a michelin-star restaurant, a lavish indoor pool and many more facilities, this conveniently-located hotel is the best hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Check availability and price of Shangri-La Paris on Booking.com

2. Résidence Charles Floquet

Hotel with Eiffel Tower views - Residence Charles Floquet

Located just 50 m from the Eiffel Tower, Residence Charles Floquet actually provides apartments with a view of the Eiffel Tower. These 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartments can be rented and come fully equipped with a balcony, fireplace, WiFi, kitchen and washing machine to name a few. Guests can even request a breakfast basket to start their day with fresh bread, French pastries, orange juice and milk.

Check availability and price of Résidence Charles Floquet on Booking.com

Mid-Range Hotels in Paris with Eiffel Tower Views

1. Le Parisis – Paris Tour Eiffel

Le Parisis - Budget Hotel with Views of Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Featuring comfy rooms with Eiffel Tower views, this hotel is just a 15 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. Each room comes with plenty of amenities and the hotel even offers a breakfast buffet and a bar on premises. The clean and big hotel offers the comfort and feel of a luxury hotel at affordable prices.

Check availability and price of Le Parisis on Booking.com

2. Hotel Eiffel Seine

Located directly in front of the Bir-Hakiem metro and a 10 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, this mid-range hotel offers clean rooms, a breakfast buffet, and a bar. With lots of amenities and a convenient location, this budget-friendly hotel is the perfect place to stay near the Eiffel Tower.

Check availability and price of Hotel Eiffel Seine on Booking.com

3. Rayz Eiffel

Eiffel Tower View from Budget-Friendly Hotel Rayz Eiffel, Paris, France

Yet another beautiful hotel with Eiffel Tower views from the rooftop and some rooms. The rooms here come with balconies and lots of useful amenities. Additionally, the hotel is just 850 m from the Eiffel Tower and 2.2 km from the Arc de Triomphe. At cost effective prices, Rayz Eiffel is a steal.

Check availability and price of Rayz Eiffel on Booking.com

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