11 Instagrammable Cinque Terre Photo Spots
11 Instagrammable Cinque Terre Photo Spots

11 Instagrammable Cinque Terre Photo Spots

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This article lists the best instagrammable photo spots in Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre is a region in the Italian riviera that consists of 5 photo worthy colorful villages – Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Apart from being quintessentially Italian, offering the freshest Italian produce and food, stunning vistas of the ocean and the most fulfilling hikes, Cinque Terre also offers some of the most beautiful instagrammable photo spots. Dive into this guide to the 11 best instagram locations in Cinque Terre, which includes the best time to visit each spot and a map displaying all the locations.

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Map of the Cinque Terre Instagrammable Photo Spots

11 Best Cinque Terre Instagram Locations for a Photo

1. Staircase above the Rocks at Riomaggiore

Instagrammable places in Cinque Terre - Staircase above the rocks at Riomaggiore

One of the most beautiful photo spots in Cinque Terre, you can reach here from the Riomaggiore train station within a couple of minutes. Upon exiting the Riomaggiore station, walk for a couple of  minutes towards the Riomaggiore harbor. When you’re looking at the harbor with your back towards the town, you’ll see a flight of stairs on the left hand side which takes you to a large terrace. This is the photo spot for capturing the colorful view of Riomaggiore.

When to Go:

Beware that this area gets super crowded once tourists start pouring in. If you’re traveling in the off-season then it might be possible to get a picture here anytime of the day. However, during popular times i.e. from May to September, get here early in the morning to beat the crowds.

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2. The Rocks facing the Riomaggiore Harbor

Instagrammable photo spots in Cinque Terre -

This Cinque Terre instagrammable photo spot is an iconic one and one that can’t be missed! If you’re already been to the photo location mentioned in the previous point, then getting to the rocks of Riomaggiore will take just 1 more minute. From the terrace/ staircase facing Riomaggiore, find the stairs leading down to the harbor and you will have the perfect instagram photo location set up for you right there. Now, there is another way to get here which involves starting at the harbor, climbing over all the rocks and going far back enough to be able to take a picture but this is dangerous and time consuming. The staircase from above leads you to the proper location without having to put in any effort.

When to Go:

Although not as popular as the previous photo spot, this one tends to have more visitors during sunset. Which means that if you get here at another time of the day, you might be able to get a clear shot.

3. Just above the Manarola Harbor

The picture-perfect town of Manarola in Cinque Terre has multiple instagrammable places to offer. One of them is right in the center of the town, above the Manarola harbor. Once you exit the Manarola train station, turn left and walk towards the clearing above the harbor.  From here, you can get close-up pictures of this charming Cinque Terre village.

When to Go:

Since this Cinque Terre instagram location is bang in the middle of one of the most popular towns, it will be impossible to get pictures once the tourists start rolling in. Which is why you need to get here at sunrise to take your pictures.

4. Manarola Overlook Viewpoint

Instagram Photo Spots in Cinque Terre, Italy - Manarola Overlook Viewpoint

Getting to the perfect instagram location in Cinque Terre is pretty easy since if you type the name “Manarola Overlook Viewpoint” in any map, it will navigate you to the accurate location. The walk through the promenade on the side of the cliff, overlooking Manarola, is scenic by itself and once you’ve walked a couple of hundred meters, you’ll get a nice location to get an instagram-worthy photo in Cinque Terre.

When to Go:

If you’re patient enough and have some photo editing skills, then you can manage to click a picture here at any time of the day.

5. La Regina di Manarola

Cinque Terre photo spots - La Regina di Manarola restaurant

Now this is one of the instagram-worthy places in Cinque Terre that is often overlooked. While Nessun Dorma might be the original, ubiquitous instagram location in Cinque Terre for that envious shot of bruschettas and aperol against the colorful houses dotted on a cliff against the glistening water, there is another restaurant in town that offers a glimpse of the town itself while you savor slices of delicious pizza, gulped down with some of that fine Italian beer. Both the decor and location of La Regina di Manarola is absolutely fabulous, making it the perfect spot to get a photo in Cinque Terre.

When to Go:

Go here any time of the day but make sure you have a reservation since this place is getting more and more popular with every passing minute!

6. Nessun Dorma

One of the Most instagrammable places in Cinque Terre and also the most popular and sought-after restaurant in the region, Nessun Dorma can’t be ignored. This sea-facing restaurant in Manarola is the place to go for a picture of bruschettas and aperol with the colorful Manarola in the background. Of Course the waiting time to get into this popular restaurant is crazy so many choose to take the pesto-making class here, which also includes lunch and drinks. This way you wouldn’t have to wait for a table, save time, get a memorable experience and incredible pictures along the way!

When to Go:

Taking pictures at Nessun Dorma will not be difficult so go anytime that you can manage to snag a table. Naturally, the lighting would be best at sunset.

7. Monterosso Beach

Instagram Locations in Cinque Terre - Monterosso Beach

Monterosso or Monterosso al Mare has the most instagrammable beach in Cinque Terre, which happens to be the most popular one as well. Although Corniglia has some smaller beaches, the beach at Monterosso is the only major beach in this region. This large beach has multiple sections – including paid and free parts of the beach. Since most of the beach is dotted with neatly arranged loungers with orange and blue umbrellas, it makes for an extremely picture-worthy scene. To find the most instagrammable place to take a picture, walk to the west end of the beach for a shot of the entire beach lined with orange beach umbrellas. Alternatively, you can also get a photo from the terrace right outside the Monterosso train station.

When to Go:

Since the lighting gets harsh during the day for taking pictures at the beach, it’s best to go at sunrise or sunset for soft lighting, depending on which side of the beach you want to capture.

8. The Streets of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre photo spots - The streets of Cinque Terre, Italy

There’s no need to run around looking for instagrammable spots in Cinque Terre because every nook and corner of any of the Cinque Terre towns is picture-worthy in itself! While Corniglia has some beautiful, narrow, flower-laden streets waiting to be explored, I found the streets of Manarola to be absolutely gorgeous! I would suggest spending some time walking around the villages of Cinque Terre to find your own unique spot to take a photo for the gram.

When to Go:

The streets of Cinque Terre are beautiful but they are jam-packed from May to September. During these months, your only option will be to wake up early in order to capture these places without the crowd. However, you might be able to get a decent photograph anytime of the day during the off-season.

9. Vernazza Harbor

Instagram Photo Spots in Cinque Terre - A list of the best instagrammable places in Cinque Terre, Italy

Now let’s talk about one of the most popular instagram locations in Cinque Terre, which is the Vernazza harbor. As you exit the Vernazza train station, walk straight ahead for a couple of hundred meters to the Vernazza harbor. The view of Vernazza against the sparking blue ocean takes your breath away. There are various photo spots and angles right here, since the harbor is quite long with a paved path and some rocky surface in the background which allows you to choose your own angle and spot to take pictures.

When to Go:

Since this spot is quite accessible and within plain sight in Vernazza, you can guess how popular and crowded it gets here during the day. Therefore, get here early in the morning, before or at sunrise.

10. On the Hike from Vernazza to Monterosso

The hikes in Cinque Terre are spectacular, grueling, exciting and quite photogenic! There’s no doubt that you must have seen the pictures of Vernazza, taken from a high viewpoint, on instagram. You’ll find this spot while on the hike from Vernazza to Monterosso. Keep in mind that in order to get to this point, you will pass through a checkpoint and will have to pay a hiking fee in order to get here. Alternatively, you can purchase the hiking pass if multiple hikes are on your agenda. Since the exact location can’t be found on maps, here are the coordinates to find this instagrammable photo spot in Cinque Terre: 44.13638, 9.68249.

When to Go:

 Although the photos from here can be found widely on social media, you can still come here anytime of the day to take a picture. You might have to wait to get a clear shot during busy times but it’s still totally do-able.

11. On the Hike from Vernazza to Corniglia

Cinque Terre instagrammable places - The hike from Vernazza to Corniglia

Last but not the least, the easier hike from Vernazza to Corniglia is also one of the best instagram places in Cinque Terre. Unlike the previous viewpoint on the hike from Vernazza to Monterosso, this one does not require you to pay for the hike since the viewpoint arrives before the checkpoint. Moreover, getting here takes less time and is an easier hike + walk up a few stairs. Once again, once you reach the top you’re bound to be rendered speechless by the birds eye view of Vernazza from above. This Vernazza viewpoint is definitely my top instagram photo spot in Cinque Terre.

When to Go:

I certainly suggest getting here early in the morning since the lighting is gorgeous. And although you will still manage to get pictures here anytime of the day, the harsh lighting during the afternoon would not result in good photos.

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