9 Things to do in Triberg Germany – Triberg Waterfalls & More!
9 Things to do in Triberg Germany – Triberg Waterfalls & More!

9 Things to do in Triberg Germany – Triberg Waterfalls & More!

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This post is a travel guide to the best things to do in Triberg im Schwarzwald, Germany in one day.

Triberg im Schwarzwald is a town located in the German state Baden-Württemberg, in south-west Germany. It is one of the most important places to visit in the Black Forest, Germany. The Black Forest is a region in Germany where the trees are so close together that when you look at them from the outside, the area appears black due to the thick foliage. Thus the name Black Forest. Triberg is located in this very region. A quick glimpse of Triberg will make it evident that it’s an old, incredibly picturesque, and charming town. I suggest spending one day in Triberg, which can be a stop while you’re visiting other towns in the Black Forest. Alternatively, you could even do a day trip to Triberg from one of the nearby cities.

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Travel Guide to Triberg im Schwarzwald, Germany

This travel guide to Triberg im Schwarzwald contains a list of the best things to do in Triberg, Germany. Before you start reading, here’s a little bit of a German language lesson. ‘Schwarz’ is the German word for ‘black’ and ‘Wald’ is the German word for forest. So, the German word ‘Schwarzwald’ directly translates to ‘Black Forest’. Furthermore, ‘Triberg im Schwarzwald’ means ‘Triberg in the Black Forest’. And so, in this travel guide, you will find all the necessary information to plan your trip to Triberg in the Black Forest of Germany. Reach out to me on Instagram (@thespicyjourney ) or via the comment section below if you need more information, that I couldn’t cover in this blog post.

Weather in Triberg im Schwarzwald, Germany

Germany has a long, dark winter that lasts from November to March. Spring is a good time to visit Triberg, though if you’re coming from a warm country, you might wanna layer up. Summer, from June to August, is the best time to visit Triberg, Germany. Be warned though that it may rain anytime so keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress accordingly. You can even visit Triberg in Autumn, like I did in late-September. But of course, you must be prepared to carry warm coats according to the temperature.

How to Reach Triberg im Schwarzwald, Germany

To reach Triberg by public transportation, the best option is to take the train. From the train station, it’s a 15-20 minute (slightly uphill) walk to reach the Triberg Waterfalls through a safe main road. Unfortunately since it’s a small town, connectivity isn’t the best. My advice is to rent a car and drive to Triberg, Germany, provided you have a valid EU or international driving license.

If you’re driving to Triberg, note that there is a parking spot at the Triberg waterfalls, but you might have to pay for parking there.

Map of Things to do in Triberg Germany

Map of Triberg im Schwarzwald (Black Forest) Germany

Things to do in Triberg, Black Forest, Germany

1. Triberg Waterfalls

Triberg waterfalls in Triberg im Schwarzwald, Germany

The Triberg Waterfalls are the most popular attraction in Triberg. To reach the Triberg Waterfalls by public transportation, you can take a train to Triberg then walk to the waterfalls. The waterfall is 2.3 km from the train station so it should take 40-50 minutes to get there. Once you reach, there is a ticket counter from where you can purchase your ticket. Keep in mind that this ticket can be used at both the Triberg waterfalls as well as at the Schwarzwald museum. So make sure you save the ticket for further use. The waterfalls themselves are super impressive and spread out over multiple vertical layers. There is a paved path to go upwards and bridges spread out to get up-close views of the Triberg waterfalls.

2. Schwarzwald (Black Forest) Museum

Black Forest Museum - Triberg im Schwarzwald, Germany

The Black Forest museum (called Schwarzwald museum in German) is a large and admirable one. You will need to dedicate at least 45 minutes to take a look around the whole thing. It depicts the history, culture and artifacts of the Black forest region. My favorite section was the one where they displayed cuckoo clocks and musical instruments that were played on the streets back in the yesteryear. They even have television and radio sets from the 90’s. The museum is located opposite to the Triberg waterfalls and the tickets that you purchase at the waterfalls can be used to enter the museum as well.

3. Black Forest Cake

Black Forest cake in Triberg, Germany near the Triberg waterfalls

You can’t come to the Black Forest region and not try the original Black Forest cake. This cake originated in the Black Forest of Germany and is called Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte in German. The decadent chocolate cake has multiple layers of cherries, chocolate shavings and whipped cream. Keep in mind that the original cake traditionally comes with Kirchwasser which is a spirit made out of cherries. Any Black Forest cake in Germany comes with this alcohol so be very careful while ordering the Black Forest cake. So make sure you ask for one ‘ohne Kirchwasser’ i.e. without Kirchwasser if you’re going to be driving or don’t consume alcohol.

4. World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock

Worlds Largest Cuckoo Clock in Triberg, Black Forest, Germany

The world’s largest cuckoo clock is further away from the Triberg waterfalls, at a distance of 3.2 km from the falls. It’s located in the Eble Uhren-Park, 1.4 km from the Triberg train station. It took five years to finish construction of this clock and it has been claiming its title of the world’s largest cuckoo clock since 1997. Just the cuckoo alone weighs 330 pounds (150 Kg). To get the most out of your visit, come here at a time when the cuckoo sings, which is every 30 minutes – on the dot and at the 30 minute mark. A visit here is completely free of charge and there is free parking available too.

5. Lake Bergsee

Bergsee is a small picturesque lake located just 1 km from the Triberg waterfall. The parking here is free of cost so it’s a good place to visit, have a picnic or eat at the local restaurant then to make your way up to the Triberg waterfalls. There is a small hiking path between the lake and the falls or you could use the highway if you’re coming by car. The lake has a large playground for children on one end and you can do fishing here, but you can’t swim in this lake. It’s a small but nice place to visit if you have the time while you’re in Triberg im Schwarzwald.

6. “Maria in der Tanne” Church

Like I mentioned earlier, there are paths in the Triberg waterfalls to go up and get a good view of the falls. One of these paths goes towards the “Maria in der Tanne” church as well. While the church may not look very promising from the outside, it’s worth going inside it. The interiors of the church are quite impressive and it’s a good place to stop after a hike and enjoy the peacefulness here.

7. House of 1000 Clocks

House of 1000 Cuckoo Clocks in Triberg im Schwarzwald, Germany

Shopping for cuckoo clocks is one of the best things to do in Triberg, Germany. Now, there are 2 shops with the name ‘House of 1000 Clocks’. One of them is on the road in front of the Triberg waterfalls whereas the other one is about 4.4 km from the falls. I believe (and I could be wrong) that the one farther away is the original House of 1000 Clocks. It’s located in an idyllic setting just along the highway, with a small river stream on the other side. The place is a shop for cuckoo clocks and other souvenirs. The clocks are in all sizes and price ranges, starting from €50 to thousands of Euros. Each one of them is made locally and comes with a warranty (be sure to check that before you buy one). We bought a simple cuckoo clock for €124 that was the perfect souvenir from our visit to Triberg im Schwarzwald.

8. Black Forest Railway

Black Forest Railway in Triberg Germany

The Triberg Black Forest Railway is just outside the town, 2 km from the Triberg falls. Since the railway station is quiet and uncrowded, you can walk around and take a look at the displays showing the history of the Schwarzwaldbahn aka Black Forest Railway. They even have a steam engine on display right outside the railway station. Note that parking here is free and there is a bus service from the railway station to Triberg, if you don’t wish to walk all the way.

9. Wooden Town Hall

The city town hall, or the ‘Stadtverwaltung Triberg’ is a government office, located on the road opposite to the Triberg waterfalls. Though it’s not one of the most talked-about things to do in Triberg im Schwarzwald, it is certainly worth a quick visit. What’s impressive about this town hall is the old meeting room. This room is open for visitors and is made entirely out of wood, with inspiring elaborate carvings. Wood paneled floors, walls, furniture, doors – it is all made out of wood, each of which has some sort of unique carving on it. While it may be hard to find this particular room inside the building, it’s worth finding it to admire the impressive craftsmanship of the Black Forest.

Where to Eat in Triberg, Germany – Restaurants near Triberg Waterfalls

Where to eat near Triberg waterfalls
The hotel directly opposite to the Triberg Waterfalls

Most of the restaurants in Triberg are near the Triberg Waterfalls. While we were visiting Triberg Germany, we ate at two places and my husband tried another restaurant while he was here with his friends on another trip.

First, we had the original Black Forest cake at Hotel-Restaurant Pfaff. It was a nice place, definitely towards the higher end, great service and the cake was delicious. You will see this restaurant right in front of you when you exit the Triberg Waterfall.

My husband also ate at Schwarzwälder Schinkenstraße which is located opposite to Restaurant Pfaff, on the other side of the road. While I haven’t been here myself, my husband didn’t enjoy the food or the vibe here so much.

Lastly, we had lunch at Nurhak Imbiss, which is a kebab shop in front of the Black Forest museum. We tried their vegetarian pizza and the Falafel Box, both of which were hearty portions and delicious. This place is for takeaway but they do have 2 tables and a few chairs outdoors to dine-in.

Triberg Germany Hotels

Triberg is a small German town in the Black Forest region. Though it’s a famous tourist point, most people just come here as a day trip from other cities or while visiting the rest of the Black Forest region. That being said, if you need to stay in Triberg, you can find a cute Airbnb or a nice hotel online. I always look for hotels on Booking.com. Just add the right price range and filters to get the best deals.

Find hotels in Triberg on Booking.com

Suggested One Day Itinerary for Visiting Triberg im Schwarzwald and the Triberg Waterfalls

This itinerary works if you’re using public transportation or even if you’re driving here, like we did, during our visit to Triberg Germany.

  1. Black Forest Railway – If you’re coming by train, you will reach here first. If the exhibition is open at the time you arrive, you can take a look around and then walk towards Triberg or take the bus.
  2. Triberg Waterfalls – This is the first place to visit in Triberg, where you will spend about an hour.
  3. ‘Maria in der Tanne’ Church & Bergsee – From the Triberg waterfall, you can hike to both these places and then walk back the same way. The walk will take you 10-15 mins each side.
  4. Black Forest Cake – After exiting the waterfall area, sit at one of the restaurants in Triberg Germany to savor the original Black Forest Cake. You can even have lunch at this point.
  5. Schwarzwald Museum – After a nice lunch, spend about an hour at the Black Forest museum, soaking in the history of the Black Forest.
  6. House of 1000 Clocks – You can shop for souvenirs at the shop near the Triberg waterfalls or wait until the end of the day to visit the other, original shop.
  7. Wooden Town Hall – If you’re up for it, try finding the wooden room in the town hall building.
  8. World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock – Exit the Triberg town and walk or drive over to the Uhren-Park to see the world’s largest cuckoo clock.
  9. House of 1000 Clocks (original; optional) – If you’re here by car, you can drive to the original shop, which is a little further away from the Uhren-Park or you can skip it altogether if you’re walking or have already picked up a cuckoo clock.
  10. Head back – You can walk back to the train station, which isn’t far from the Uhren-Park for your train back or you can directly drive to your next destination if you’re here by car.

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