Top 10 Art Cafes in Fort Kochi, Kerala
Top 10 Art Cafes in Fort Kochi, Kerala

Top 10 Art Cafes in Fort Kochi, Kerala

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Fort Kochi is a vibrant area located in Kochi, Kerala. One of the best things to do here is to sample the best art cafes in Fort Kochi. But then there are way too many cafes and restaurants in Fort Kochi. This guide to the Fort Kochi cafes lists my handpicked favourites based on the decor, ambience and food.

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Best Art Cafes in Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is a former fishing village turned Dutch colony that retains some of the cultural and architectural remains of the Dutch colony. In the present day, Fort Kochi is a place to discover the heritage of both Kerala as well as learn about the history of colonization of this beautiful place. Apart from all the things to do in Fort Kochi and Mattancherry, visiting the popular art cafes in Fort Kochi is a great way to spend your time here.

1. Kashi Art Cafe

Best art cafes in Fort Kochi - Kashi art cafe

Anyone and everyone visiting Fort Kochi is bound to end up at Kashi art cafe. This place has made its name among travellers and for good reason. The outdoorsy vibes coupled with tasteful art sprinkled across the spacious cafe is a great setting for an art cafe. Additionally, the consistently good food served here is always a cherry on top. I recommend visiting here early in the morning for breakfast to avoid wait time. Also do try their special chocolate cake after a meal.


2. Mocha Art Cafe

Best art cafes in Fort Kochi - Mocha art cafe

While technically Mocha art cafe lies in Jew town, Mattancherry, anyone visiting Fort Kochi is bound to head that way thus the cafe stays in this list. This cafe is included in the list of the best art cafes in Fort Kochi mainly because of the wonderful decor. Tasteful art plus the open-air rust coloured benches are a feast to the eyes. The hearty food here only adds further to the appeal of this cafe. I highly recommend trying the shakshuka.

3. David Hall Gallery and Cafe

Best art cafes in Fort Kochi - David Hall Gallery and Cafe

It is not that easy to find an authentic thin crust Italian pizza in India. Luckily for all thin crust pizza lovers (me!), David Hall Gallery and Cafe is one of the top art cafes in Fort Kochi that can serve a mean thin crust pizza. This cafe is located near the Dutch cemetery as well as close to the Fort Kochi beach. The cafe plus art gallery comes with lots of open spacious areas including indoor and outdoor seating. Needless to say, certainly try their thin crust pizzas. Every one of them come packed with flavor and a good crunch of the wood-fire oven baked base.

4. Farmer's Cafe

Top cafes in Fort Kochi - Farmer's cafe

Out of all the best Fort Kochi cafes, Farmer's cafe does not get enough credit to its name. This cafe is situated close to the famous Princess Street in Fort Kochi yet it lies in a sleepy lane that is never crowded. What's more, the cafe is actually inside a traditional bungalow that comes with a charming little open-air veranda in the centre. The breakfast menu consists of hearty salads and choice of eggs that come with toast and fruit whereas the meals served here are exclusively local specialities. They're definitely worth trying!

5. Pepper House Cafe

Best cafes in Fort Kochi - Pepper House cafe

Once again, Pepper House cafe is one of those underrated cafes in Fort Kochi that aren't quite on the tourist radar just yet. This cafe is located next to Seagull bar and retsaurant - which is one of the best Fort Kochi restaurants. But this blog post isn't about restaurants. It's about the best cafes in Fort Kochi and Pepper House cafe is certainly on my radar. While I didn't get a chance to try the food here, the drink I had was refreshing and the beautiful garden seating was just what is needed to accompany the cooling drink.


6. Teapot Cafe

Best art cafes in Fort Kochi - Teapot cafe

Teapot cafe is located in the lane adjoining Princess Street, across the main road. If you reach the football ground, you've gone too far. This cafe lives up to its name in terms of menu and decor. There are rustic teapots tastefully placed as decor items inside the cafe and the menu contains many varieties of tea accompanied with light snacks and deserts. I tried the masala chai with the blueberry cheesecake. The chai was packed with flavor. Moreover, the cheesecake was surprisingly light and of the right density. I recommend coming here in the evening for tea and snacks.

7. Loafer's Corner Cafe

Popular cafes in Fort Kochi - Loafers Corner cafe

Loafer's Corner cafe is located on the very famous Princess Street. Just like Kashi art cafe, this cafe too has made its name among the best art cafes in Fort Kochi. The cafe looks charming from the outside - with beautiful windows overlooking Princess Street. Moreover, the open-air section of the cafe is hauntingly beautiful. Not just that, it is also every instagrammer's paradise. With that being said, I found the food here to be quite ordinary but it's the decor that steals the show.


8. Oy's Cafe

Best art cafes in Fort Kochi - Oy's Cafe

Oy's cafe is another one of the most beautiful art cafes in Fort Cochin. This cafe is located on Burgher Street, diagonally across Kashi art cafe. The outdoor seating here is so charming that I visited here twice during my short stay in Fort Kochi. The menu has a wide variety of items that suit every mood. This cafe is part of a family-run home-stay so you know you're being served with love.


9. East India Street Cafe

Best cafes in Fort Kochi - East India Street cafe

East India Street Cafe made it on my list of the best cafes in Fort Kochi simply because this cafe happens to be open 24x7 which is very surprising and uncommon for a place like Kochi. The seating here is comfortable and the decor is minimal. What I liked, once again, is the option to get a meal late in the night. I tried the feta wrap which came with deep-fried potato wedges and a mayo dip. The menu here is a nice change from the monotonous menus at some of the other cafes in Fort Kochi.

10. Loving Earth Cafe

Loving Earth Vegan Cafe, Fort Kochi

One of the newest haunts in Fort Kochi, Loving Earth cafe comes with a yoga studio that is located on the same premises. The cafe has such a great minimal pastel decor. Moreover, the accompanying vegan menu is a refreshing thing to see in Kochi. I tried the mezze platter which was super delicious. The smiling faces of the ladies who run the cafe are an added bonus.


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