Panjim Food Guide: Restaurants and Cafes in Panjim City


Panjim is my favorite city in the whole wide world. No, I haven't been to every city in the world. Even if I did, my heart would always drag me back here. I can't point out one reason why I love this city so much. Is it the long stretch of road, sheltered by trees or is it the dramatic coastline? Is it the benches where you can sit and watch gentle waves splashing against the city-line or is it the old-school charm of the Portuguese houses? While much has been said about the things that can be done in Panaji, not many have delved into the Panaji food scene. Thus, I present to you the Panjim Food Guide. I've compiled a list of the restaurants and cafes in Panjim that serve the most succulent dishes in an enthralling setting.

The Black Sheep Bistro

The highest rated restaurant in Goa is up there at the top position for all the right reasons. The ambiance, service and quality of food are all top-notch. I was here on a busy Sunday afternoon for lunch. I ordered the bruschetta and tarts. Both these light bites had a flavor twist to them that added sophistication and launched a medley of flavors in the mouth. Moving on to the main course, I had the Hainanese style Paneer with Rice. The dish came as a bed of rice topped with a large paneer piece that just melted in my mouth. The Hainanese sauce was pure perfection. I couldn't recommend this place enough! If you're looking for the best restaurant in Goa, not just in Panjim, reserve a table at The Black Sheep Bistro. You can thank me later.

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Barrels & Bones


Among all the Panaji restaurants, there's no debating that this place is my favorite. Side note- I tend to have many favorites! Barrels & Bones is the right place to be if you're looking for a quiet, rustic yet hip location where the food never disappoints. White rugged walls adorned with vintage posters and wooden tables are the theme of the restaurant. There's both indoor and outdoor seating. While on the inside, there's air conditioning and huge glass windows, on the outside you have a view of the bar and a tiny green garden. Having been there numerous times, the food has always been lip smacking-ly delicious. Each dish is a standout. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Fontainhas, it makes for the perfect day out. All in all, this place is a gem hidden away in one of Goa's most colorful neighborhoods.

White rugged walls, vintage posters, wooden furniture, outdoor dining and friendly staff make Barrels and Bones my absolute favorite place to dine in while in Fontainhas or Panjim. A legendary steak house, every dish and drink served here is stellar. It is not a restaurant to be overlooked. 🍢 To know more things that you can do in Fontainhas, visit my website TheSpicyJourney. You can find a link to the article in my bio🍹 ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ #Fontainhas #Panjim #Blog #Mala #BarrelsAndBones #Rustic #Vibrant #Food #FoodLover #Travel #TravelBlog #Traveller #Blogger #TravelDiaries #Ootd #GoaDiaries #GoaBlogger #TheSpicyJourney #Goa #GoGoa #India #Canon #CanonIndia #CanonFood #CanonPhotography #Vsco #VscoIndia #InstaGood #InstaDaily #Foodaholic

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The Oak Barrel


The atmosphere at The Oak Barrel is soothing and comfortable. While the decor is simple, hanging lights at the center are the showcase. The seating is quite comfortable. The best part is the location - away from the hustle and bustle of the market, but easily accessible right on the main road. Coming to the food, I recommend trying the T.O.B grills. There's an option of choosing your grilled item. Next, you choose either rice or noodles. Each plate contains a grilled item in a sauce of your choice, rice or noodles and chips or fries. I choose the grilled vegetables in Thai herbs and basil sauce. Also, opted for noodles in my dish. This place will make you want to come back for the simple reason that the food here is delicious.

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Cafe Basil


How can a food guide to Panjim be complete without mentioning Cafe Basil? A cafe frequented mostly by youngsters, it's the place to be if you're looking for succulent flavorful burgers or sandwiches in Panjim. Each dish is packed in flavor, the burgers are gigantic and the prices are unbelievably low. I recommend the corn and cheese sandwich and any of the burgers. Also add mojito to your order. It's a refreshing drink to pair with the burgers. Occasionally, they have desserts as well. The red velvet cupcake is an all-time favorite.

Nachos at Cafe Basil
Nachos at Cafe Basil

Black Vanilla


Black Vanilla is located right on the Dayanand Bandodkar Road, a little ahead of Kala Academy. Not only is it right next to a bookstore, it also has the prettiest entrance. If you're craving a fluffy croissant or a crusty baguette, Black Vanilla is your go-to place. Moreover, the French quotes on the walls and an artsy decor will only enhance the experience of dining here. It makes the perfect setting for a date or to catch up with friends. Apart from breads, they also serve sandwiches, bagels, salads, pizzas and a variety of beverages.

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Black Vanilla Cafe
Black Vanilla Cafe

The Chocolate Room


What comes after a good meal? Dessert, obviously. Even though The Chocolate Room offers a bunch of savory items, dessert is their strong suit. From cakes, shakes and pancakes to fondue, they have everything in chocolate. Everything. Most of these dishes tend to be really heavy because of the chocolate yet it tastes just about perfect. One of my fav items here is the chocolate pancake, shown in the picture above. Two pancakes, made of chocolate, are drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce. They serve this with a vanilla ice-cream and some fresh cream. This dish is heavy and can be shared by two.

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