Patnem Beach

Goa, being India's most popular beach destination has some iconic beaches that are immensely popular among tourists. Most of these beaches happen to be located in North Goa. As a matter of fact, there is only one beach, Palolem beach, in South Goa that is frequented by tourists. While one can't ague against the fact that Palolem is a hip place to hang out and spend the day, I recently discovered a gem of a beach which is only 2.5 km away from Palolem beach. Read along to discover Patnem beach with me.

Patnem Beach
Patnem Beach

Patnem beach, located 40 km south of Margao city, is the twin sister of Palolem beach. The road leading up to the beach is a vibrant and colorful narrow lane dotted with shops selling colorful beach wear. Equally cheerful is the beach which is lined with shacks that have huts which are rustic yet bright. Almost all the shacks have lounge chairs outside to sit and enjoy on the beach. Alternately, you can sit inside the shack, sip a cocktail and observe the waves from a distance.

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Lounge Chairs at Patnem Beach
Lounge Chairs at Patnem Beach

The crescent-shaped beach stretches over 1.6 km, thus making it perfect for long walks by yourself. Both ends of the beach have rocks protruding out of the sea. From the south end of the beach, it is possible to climb a few of these rocks and cross over to the adjoining Rajbagh beach (I wouldn't advice this though!). On these rocks, you will often find a lone individual sitting and reveling in the views of the sea.

Walking on the beach at Patnem Beach Goa
Long walks by the sea

Above all, the cleanliness of Patnem beach has been unaffected by the attention it has been getting from tourists and foreigners alike. It's important for us travelers and locals to ensure that we do not loiter the places we visit and to preserve it's sanctity. The beaches won't look as alluring if they were littered with waste.

I spent my day on Patnem beach by walking along the shoreline with my feet in the water. I watched little kids scream gleefully as waves came crashing on the beach. Youngsters were playing frisbee, couples embracing each other and families enjoying a fun day at the beach. I chose a shack and settled down for lunch. It was one of the many colorful Patnem beach huts! I ordered spaghetti in red sauce and my favorite cocktail to accompany it. After a hearty meal, I lazed on theΒ diwan, waiting for the sun to go down.

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Hearty Meal at Patnem Beach Goa
Meals by the Beach

Why Patnem?

Although Goa has a plethora of beaches, there are only a few that provide a hipster and radiant vibe. With Arambol being the mother-ship of boho beaches, Patnem and Palolem are the hippy children in the south. Here, you don't just get colorful beach shacks and cute cafes. Unlike it's northern counterparts, Patnem beach is located amid laid-back villages and lots of greenery. On getting out of the beach, you don't have to face a swarm of tourists. In fact, you're greeted by lush greenery and quiet lanes that allow you to rediscover yourself, while lost within them.

You can also read about my favorite beach in South Goa for a picnic, Cabo de Rama beach.

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  3. Okay I have visited Goa maybe 20 times or more and have never seen this beach. I love Palolem though so I must check this out next time – thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    1. I hope you make it to Patnem πŸ™‚ It’s a great beach and I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time there !!

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