Cabo de Rama Beach – The Perfect Picnic Spot

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Picnicking on the beach with friends or family is a fun event. Carrying snacks, drinks and biryani for lunch, playing volleyball in the sand, dancing to loud music and spending quality time with your near ones is what comes to my mind when I think of a picnic on a beach. If you're in Goa, looking for a beach that's not swarming with tourists, and where you and your friends or family can roam around and have ample space for your games and activities, Cabo de Rama is the beach for you.

Cabo de Rama beach in South Goa

Located 28 km South of Margao city, Cabo de Rama beach lies hidden beneath a tall cliff. Shrouded by tall coconut trees and shrubs, the cliff offers glorious views of the pristine blue waters and the hills enveloped in greenery. From the cliff, a part of the clear white sand beach is visible too. The best part of this tropical haven is standing on this cliff and enjoying the natural beauty, untouched by man.

With stone steps leading the way down from the cliff to the beach, the landscape changes quickly from open views of the sea and adjoining hills to a secluded beach, with waves of clear water splashing onto the beach. On the right-most ride of the beach, there is a section that has lots of coconut trees. As a result, there is plenty of shade that is provided. You can set up your base camp here. If you want to be on a beach yet be shielded from the harsh sunlight, this is your spot. For the rest of you who love the sun, sand and sea like me, the beach is waiting for you.

The perfect location for a beach picnic
The perfect location for a beach picnic

Do note that there are only a limited number of restaurants around the Cabo de Rama beach. There is one beautiful resort right on the cliff and another tiny restaurant. You can dine in or get your food from there. Alternatively, you can choose to carry your own food for a picnic. Most people picnicking on this beach tend to go with this option.


The Cabo de Rama fort overlooks the Cabo de Rama beach and can be reached via foot. It's a bit of a trek but just like every other trek, the views from the top are always well-worth the climb. However, if you don't fancy climbing, you can also drive to the fort from the beach. The distance between the two, by road, is 1.4 km.

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