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Located in the hinterlands, off the Agonda main road, Blue Planet Cafe is the best vegetarian/vegan restaurant in South Goa. In fact, the soothing environment coupled with the healthy yet mouth-watering food make this place the best vegan restaurant in all of Goa. You don't have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to appreciate the grandeur of this place. The food served here is so inviting that it makes you forget how healthy you're eating. It keeps your focus only on the taste.

Two varieties of Scrambled Eggs and Fresh Juices
Two varieties of Scrambled Eggs and Fresh Juices

Nestled in the midst of nature in a quiet location off Agonda, Blue Planet Cafe exudes peacefulness. Walking(or riding) toward the cafe, there's a tiny village on the left side of the road and a large open field on the right. Further down the road is where the charming cafe sits idly, overlooking the expansive green field. The decor is minimal with comfortable wooden chairs sporting blue cushions. In contrast to the blue, there is a long bench with orange cushions at the rear end. While the menu is displayed on a black chalk board, they also have a standard paper menu available.

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Simple yet Comfortable Blue Decor
Simple yet Comfortable Blue Decor

The cafe is a homely place run by Goenkars Pravin and Urmila Desai. They take pride in using fresh local produce. Not to mention that each dish is prepared using high-quality ingredients. The warmth and love poured into preparing each dish is evident with every bite. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, there are plenty of choices for every meal. Dishes range from soups, salads, eggs to order, spreads and deserts to juices and smoothies. Most of the dishes have vegan alternatives. I visited the cafe for breakfast where me and my friend chose scrambled eggs. There were a bunch of ingredients from which we had to choose 3 to go into our eggs. I had my eggs with garlic, tomato and cheese. My friend took spinach, cottage cheese and garlic. The eggs came with 2 slices of toasted bread, herbed juicy tomatoes and a generous serving of butter. Both the dishes were delightful and melted in the mouth. However, if I had to pick, I would prefer the one with spinach and tofu. We also had fresh fruit juices. Notably delicious was the beetroot juice. Never having been a fan of beetroots, I found this juice well balanced and quite tasty.

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Scrambled Eggs with Spinach, Tofu and Garlic
Scrambled Eggs with Spinach, Tofu and Garlic

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Accommodation and More..

Not that this place needs more features to be more appealing than it already is, there's accommodation available here as well. Each of the five wooden cottages come with balconies overlooking the forest. The icing on the cake is that there is also an aquatic bodywork. The sessions are conducted in a pool, the temperature of which is the same as the body temperature. The types of aquatic bodywork are Watsu, Water Dance, Healing Dance and Dolphin Dance. Moreover, David, the man who build the pool himself, can customize a session for an individual or a couple, on request.

All things considered, Blue Planet Cafe makes for a perfect weekend getaway with your partner. Delectable healthy food, a room with a view of tree canopies, aquatic bodywork for relaxation, yoga and a hushed location is the recipe for a healing weekend. You will leave this place relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the hectic work schedules waiting ahead. Adding to the appeal is that the Agonda beach is just 2 km from this place. What a gem! To read more about offbeat destinations in Goa like this one, head over to the offbeat section.

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