Discover the best, most popular, tranquil and ideal for a picnic beaches across Goa


Wondering what to pack for your much awaited trip to Goa? Worry no more. I've got you covered


Tired of the same old crowded places? Discover the secret favorite spots of the locals

Meet The Spicy Journey

Hi there! I'm Soujanya Rai, a 23-year-old Indian techie with a passion for photography and a never-ending thirst for new adventures. Join me as I share my personal experiences through pictures, itineraries and tips!

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A Guide to All the Old Goa Attractions

Old Goa is more than just the Old Goa Church. There is a cluster of monuments and churches waiting to be explored by curious souls. Read on to discover these hidden gems.

Why You Should Consider Fort Kochi as Your Next Holiday Destination

Fort Kochi has lots to offer including Chinese fishing nets, art cafes, jewish synagogue, shopping streets and charming hotels. That's why it's is a great choice for a holiday destination.

The Best Restaurants in North Goa

Are you looking for lip-smacking food and great views of a river or the ocean? Find unbelievable places to sit, enjoy great food, catch the wind in your hair while having a great time with your friends.


Himachal Pradesh

Rugged landscape and grassy hills, Himalayan architecture and Italian food. Discover the nooks and corners of Himachal Pradesh.


Colourful houses, flower-laden lanes and decadent French food are await you in the picturesque place called Pondicherry, located just 3 hours from Chennai.


A UNESCO World Heritage site that's abundant with temples and grandeur. It's the perfect location for a magical portrait photography shoot.